" Combined" headphone/Mic socket on new Laptops

  [email protected] 15:01 18 Nov 2014

Recently bought new laptop and wanted to use microphone for speech programme, then noticed- Oops there is no mic socket!

Looked everywhere but no! Then found out apparently this is a new development, the new thing seems to be its just one socket "Combined"..I thought Oh no this will be a F*up...and it was!

I got normal headphones/mic with separate mic and headphone plugs so tried plugging in the mic plug into the "combined" socket and yeah Microphone will not work! Spent ages trying to fix it, using audio manager etc but nothing Ahhhrgg!

Why is it when these idiots design things they invariably F* it up and make things worse? Bloody designers they seem to have no common sense at all. The old system of separate sockets worked just fine, they should have remembered the old saying- if it aint broke dont fix it!

Now will have to spend the rest of my bloody life trying to get the damn Mic to work ,along with thousands of other fellow sufferers! Why Oh why do these idiots always make things worse...very frustrating

So anyone got any ideas how to solve this, before I bang head against wall?

  northumbria61 15:14 18 Nov 2014

Before you bang your head and hurt yourself Read Here

  [email protected] 17:30 18 Nov 2014

Thanks for the advice, so looks like I need a splitter would have been nice if they could have included that when buying laptop!

Just hope I can find one where I am currently, in third world country with limited access to decent shopping choices.

There was another suggestion that uninstalling Realtek driver may work? well I am not an expert on computers so not sure I want to try that...wont uninstalling driver make the Realtek sound cease to work at all?

  [email protected] 22:37 18 Nov 2014

@ ßeta >It's not a driver issue. It's purely hardware

Yeah expect that is correct, but just was not sure after reading comment below

I found a fix to the problem, no adapter necessary. I had the exact same problem. This is really wierd but to make the computer recognize BOTH microphones at the same time, what you do is you need to uninstall the "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver". For some reason in my case it also improved the sound quality when I uninstalled it.

Before my computer only noticed the "2- Realtek High Definition Audio", and when I plugged in my headphones it still only displayed one and just switched over to the mic of the headset. Now that I uninstalled the driver, it notices the two different mic's and you can set as default.

  wee eddie 22:45 18 Nov 2014

You didn't say what kind of laptop you have bought, but from memory most laptops have a Built in Microphone and you only need an external mic socket when you're using a Gaming Headset.

  wee eddie 22:46 18 Nov 2014

p.s. The mic is usually a little hole at the top of the screen

  [email protected] 01:55 19 Nov 2014

@wee eddie

Yes I know there is built in mic, but I am using Dragon Dictate speech program and one usually gets better results by using headset mic....

  northumbria61 07:31 19 Nov 2014

ptm6418 - For future reference: - It really isn't a good idea to use your email address to Post on here - edit your Profile and create a Username.

I think a splitter would be the best way forward in your case.

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