Quieter PC and still cool!

  shortcircuit 09:48 16 Sep 2003

I am on a mission to quieten down my pc and keep it cool.

So far...
I have fitted a £50 Q-Technology Ultra-Quiet ATX PSU. This made a good difference.
I then fitted a Akasa AK824CU turned down with a fan mate(on a Athlon 2600XP). This was running at 2000rpm. Board temp at 30c and cpu at 49c.Today I fitted a GlacialTech Igloo Silent Breeze 462. They are meant to be running at 19dB and still keep things cool.First one I have ever tested and I can say they are excellent. The system is a lot quieter and with a 2c drop in temp.Alot cheaper than a Zalman!! I have a case fan which is also running at 1000rpm( for quietness).Even with it at 2500rpm, things are no cooler.

My question is..if I bought a Lian-li PC-0700 for £70, would I see a marked improvement in temp? My case I have at the moment is under a desk, but I want to place it in a hidden pine desk so I am concerned about temp.Is it worth the money? Or am I better off putting the money towards a TFT monitor?

Thanks all

  Smiler 10:16 16 Sep 2003

I think you are spending a lot of time and money on quietening your computer when you'll probably find that once it is in the pine desk you'll hardly notice the sound. Just make sure there is plenty of ventillation in the desk. AMD Athlon processors are ok upto 95ºC. click here(4511)

  SheffieldSpy 10:30 16 Sep 2003

Athlon processors may be OK up to 95°c, but the rest of the machine may not. For example the manual for my laptop states that temperatures above 35°c may cause undesired operation.

  shortcircuit 10:39 16 Sep 2003


Hate to see my cpu at 94c!!I just wanted to know if a aluminium case would make alot of difference. I hear so much about them, but like most things..the effect might be minimal. I just don't want to waste the money.If it would lower my case temp by 5c..i would get one.

  Smiler 12:05 16 Sep 2003

Why don't you put it in the hidden pine desk and see what temps come up. Then look at cooling if it is necessary. As far as cpu temp goes that's what AMD are stating that the cpu will operate upto. It doesn't mean the rest of the system will be at this temp. 30ºC for the mainboard seems good to me, mine runs at 34ºC no probs. If you're trying to reduce this to 25ºC I think you may need air conditioning in your room because room temp will affect the system temp as well.

  Mango Grummit 12:48 16 Sep 2003

People tend to get carried away about cooling.

It's best to always bear in mind that there are many thousands of standard computers fitted with standard cooling (just like most people have) that operate happily and continually in countries much hotter than ours.

There is no benefit at all in going super-sub cool.

  shortcircuit 21:51 16 Sep 2003

Ok. No aluminium case for me.

  Chegs ® 22:16 16 Sep 2003

I read the post by Mango Grummit and a wry smile appeared on my face.I have enough fans in my pc to make a cross channel hovercraft seem quiet:-) as I got sick of untracable lockups/crashes,etc in XP.Then my CPU was running at 49C,soon as it climbed above 50C,strange things occured yet I regularly see postings in PCA "my CPU is 60+C".I installed a CD-RW,it used to get quite hot after burning a cd,and my system temps were up and down,then I installed 2 SATA hdd's and the system temp shot up to 70+C after several hours,and so it went on,each time I installed new hardware the various components got hotter.When I installed a DVD-RW and started rendering video,most were taking 2 or 3 attempts to complete.

I then set to and removed all unused PCI hardware(dialup modem,NIC,etc)and managed to squeeze an extractor fan above the Ti4600,a second case fan directing air onto one hdd,a very noisy FAST Delta CPU fan,a HDD cooler(contains 3 small fans)onto the other HDD,and a dual fan PSU at the top of the case.This lot(there are two fans on the GC,one on the mobo northbridge,etc)makes a heck of a row,but I have finally won the battle over heat,as my puter is running 24/7 and even after rendering video for 1.5 hours,the SATA drives are 42C,the CPU is 35C,and the system temp is a reasonable 44-5C(depending on if the central heating is on or off)As for the noise,I "always" have an internet radio station playing,and headphones if "er indoors" objects. :-)

  shortcircuit 08:21 17 Sep 2003


Your a brave man! I don't know about anyone else..but noise is one of my main bugbears about computers.My pc is now at less than 25dB.All p.cs should be reasonably quiet.I have a seagate HHd which is silent.My Fx5600 is silent standard. I have a Athlon 2400xp clocked to 2600xp and uses one of those Glacial igloo silent breezes which are brill and only 19dB. The fan only spins at 2000rpm and finally one case fan at 1000rpm. If this gets me average temps of 30c board/50c cpu even when playing games, I'm happy!I have built alot of systems over the last 4 years but never used a aluminium case. All my steel cases have been very quiet and all have never suffered from temp problems.If I had to use so many fans that it sounded like a 'hovercraft',I would rebuild and review components.After saying that it 'horses for courses!'

My question is still do aluminium cases really work and what temp drop would the average buyer expect?

Aliminuim Cases -

I have had a Lian Li PC60 for several years now and can say it is an excellent case. However, the cooling effect is minimal!

I like the case because of the looks and the excellent build quality, but when you start talking thermal transfer properties and the fact that Ali conducts better than steel then you start to think "How much better"? and the answer is "Not a lot in a case". THe reason? Ali does conduct heat better but then when you are talking about a case you are talking about air tempreature being conducted to the outside and not a direct source of heat. As this is going to be in the 30 deg C area and a room temp is going to be about 20 Deg C a steel case will do almost as well.

Looks and style go for aliminuim. Heat Transfer, go with anything apart from perspex!

  shortcircuit 08:47 17 Sep 2003

Thanks Smiffy.

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