Quieter fan in an Aries pc?

  bythor 19:34 21 Jul 2005

Hi. I have an Aries (Watford) Perfecta 5100 Ultra Pro. Not sure of all the names of the bits inside, but the fan is way too noisy (my old pc is a Gateway and you woudn't know it was on!). Tried emailing Watford but no reply. Does anyone know this model, and can they suggest a replacement fan that is quiet?

  Belatucadrus 21:35 21 Jul 2005

click here Is the one I use on my P4 and it's very quiet, though I've only got a 1.7, I suspect a 3.0GHz would work it a bit harder.
click here may be worth considering if there's room in the case.

I don't however recommend you touch anything in the case until you are "sure of all the names of the bits inside" as not only are you likely to invalidate your warranty, you may end up doing terminal damage, or buying stuff that simply doesn't fit.

  bythor 22:04 21 Jul 2005

Thanks Belatucadrus. I think my information was (unintenionally) misleading. I'm an electronics technician, altough not in the pc industry, so should be capable of replacing the fan. I have authority from Watford to open the case (because of an initial problem soon after delivery).
I appreciate your advice on location of a new fan and I'll have a look there. Many thanks and apologies if I misled!!

  Rigga 22:06 21 Jul 2005

also try > click here < for quiet fans.


  bythor 22:07 21 Jul 2005

PS, not knowing the names of the bits inside meant I didn't know who the manufacturers were. Duh. Sorry again. Bythor

  Belatucadrus 11:17 22 Jul 2005

It's just that there are so many CPU socket/Fan options, it's best to be absolutely sure before parting with the cash. Watford site says the Perfecta 5100 Ultra Pro is a P4 machine, so my suggestions SHOULD be OK.

  Jdoki 12:24 22 Jul 2005

Personally I use Vantec Stealth fans, normally found at click here they seem to have a good balance of amount of air moved (measured in CFM - higher the better) and quietness of operation (measured in dBA - lower the better!)

Another good make is Panaflo if you can find them.

Just be careful that you get the correct connector - some come with the molex 4 pin, and others the standard 3 pin header.

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