Quiet Performance PC

  Ronnie268 15:39 21 Dec 2007

Which PCs are quiet and powerful

Must have

Core 2 Duo E6750 or better
Nvidia 8500 or better 256MB
Budget of £500
No wifi
Card Reader

  Ronnie268 15:40 21 Dec 2007

+ Vista Home Premium

  Gongoozler 16:16 21 Dec 2007

Hi Ronnie268, I don't think you will find a quiet powerful PC for £500. Quiet PC's are made, but at a high price e.g. click here. You will probably find it easier to buy a standard PC with the spec you want and then enjoy silencing it yourself with parts from QuietPC.com click here. The noisiest parts of a PC are generally the fans. A large slow moving fan is much quieter than the normal small diameter fast moving fans fitted as standard.

  Ronnie268 16:22 21 Dec 2007

It doesn't need to be whisper quiet, just not intrausive

Only 2 fans would be ideal
CPU fan
PSU fan
Side vent but no fan

  citadel 22:56 21 Dec 2007

psu makes the most noise, if the one that comes with the pc is cheap and loud you can replace it with a one from corsair.

  Gongoozler 10:38 22 Dec 2007

As citadel says, the PSU fan tends to be the major source of noise, simply because it's right on the case wall. Low noise PSU's use slower moving, large diameter low noise fans, but these PSU's are more expensive and so aren't fitted to the budget end PC's. The next major source of noise is the CPU fan. Low noise CPU coolers are available, e.g. click here, but again these are more expensive than the standard types and so aren't fitted to budget PC's especially in the current very competitive PC market where the profit margin is very tight, so the options are to buy an off-the-shelf model and modify it yourself, to find a computer builder who will build a PC to your specification or to build your own PC. If you do decide to modify an off-the-shelf model, then I suggest that you avoid the more mass produced makes such as Packard Bell as these generally aren't very upgrade friendly. Talk to your local small PC shop (not PC World!) or have a look at what Novatech have to offer click here#.

  Ronnie268 21:03 16 Jan 2008

Great. Thanks for answers. I have decided on a Trust 370W Low Noise PSU and it is whisper quiet

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