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  supersnad 22:28 24 Apr 2012

I recently bought a Zoostorm i3 processor 8gb Ram 500gb hard drive for £400 and was happy with how fast it was compared to my old Dell Dimension 31000c The only problem was that it was a lot noiser than my present one .I realise with a more powerful processor the fan would be working overtime compared to my old one but the noise just got to me and i returned it and was refunded my money. Is there reasonably quiet PC's that anyone could advise me on? Brian

  Graham* 23:10 24 Apr 2012

Try a Mac I've just bought one for its iWeb facility. It is completely silent. You soon adapt to it.

  KRONOS the First 04:45 25 Apr 2012

It was certainly not necessary to have returned the PC as you could have used alternative cooling. Different heatsink, a change of fans. I have a media PC in the living room with a i5 CPU witha passive cooled GPU and you would not know it was there.

But one point I feel I must make the cheaper the PC then the chances are the use of poorer quality of components which is likely to mean a noisier PC.

  Batch 08:50 25 Apr 2012

Ebuyer sell a lot of Zoostorm PCs at knock down prices without an OS (see click here). If you read the reviews on ebuyer you'll see that noisy fans is a very common complaint with these PCs. I've been tempted to buy one, but the noisy fans are off putting (particularly as it doesn't seem to be clear which fans are the problem).

  v1asco 09:04 25 Apr 2012


Returning the machine would certainly be my best option. My idea of alternative cooling would be a garden hose!

Jesting aside, why rip apart a new machine? Surely this would invalidate warranties?

My HP touchsmart 300 is resonably quiet, it is an all in one. It does occassionally vibrate but I have it on rubber mats, which also raises the legs so I can slide the keyboard under.

  birdface 09:11 25 Apr 2012

I have 2 computers.A noisy one and a quiet one.I mainly use the The noisy one as you can hear it working.The quiet one you have to keep checking to make sure it is running Ok.

Noisy one from E-Buyer the quiet one from Medion.

  birdface 09:16 25 Apr 2012

Just had a look at some of the MAC prices.

Looks like I will be staying with E-buyer.

  johndrew 09:43 25 Apr 2012

There are several companies that retail very quiet PCs; this is generally achieved by minimising the number of fans. You can also modify your own PC using similar products. Have a look at some items here.

  northumbria61 13:20 25 Apr 2012

My idea of alternative cooling would be a garden hose! Careful, there is a hosepipe ban ! Sorry couldn't resist - hope you get things sorted soon.

  supersnad 13:52 25 Apr 2012

I'm thinking of getting a Lenovo H330 desktop i3 processor 8gb Ram 500gb Hard drive or a Lenovo i5 processor 4gb Ram 500 gb hard drive as i've been told they're very quiet. Any advice would be welcome. Brian

  KRONOS the First 15:30 25 Apr 2012

To be honest it will be difficult to tell unless you can hear the PC in a home environment or as In my case build it yourself or pay enough cash to get the spec you want.

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