"Quiet microphone" on Skype

  sajeev 14:07 06 Jan 2010

I get the message "your microphone is very quiet" when I attempt to call on Skype if my laptop has been on for a while.
This is a recent development. I have checked all the sound and Skype settings and everything is okay. If I shut down and restart and make the call/calls again, everything works fine. What could be causing this?
It is a nuisance as I have to reboot every time I want to make a call. Also, when I receive a call, the caller cannot hear me, till I reboot and we call each other again.
I have not made any recent software changes.I have restored to an earlier date but the problem persists. I have tried different microphones with no benefit.
I am using Skype 4.1, Windows XP SP3 and free Avira.
Google chrome 3.01
Please help

  Seth Haniel 14:17 06 Jan 2010

Start - Settings - Control panel - Sounds Audio devices - Voice - Volume ??

  sajeev 14:42 06 Jan 2010

Thanks SH
Yes its always been set at Maximum

  Sea Urchin 16:26 06 Jan 2010

This guides you through audio settings for Skype - notice as you read through it that in the Volume Control box the entry for Microphone should be muted - surprising but true.

click here

  sajeev 17:11 06 Jan 2010

Thanks for all the advice and links: all the settings are as required.
An essential part of my query is, I think, being missed: The mike becomes normal on reboot.
Any ideas?

  Woolwell 17:12 06 Jan 2010

Laptop make and model?

  sajeev 17:35 06 Jan 2010

Dell Inspiron 700m
1.7Gig Processor
80 G hard drive (23 gig free space)
1.2 G Ram

  Woolwell 20:41 06 Jan 2010

Hm - seems that there may be a problem with the Dell 700m click here

  T0SH 21:41 06 Jan 2010

Have you tried going back to an earlier version of Skype? maybe version 3.8 in one of the flavours

I had nothing but trouble with version 4.1, (for the few times I used it after being prompted to update) mostly my problems with the interface and the complexity of using video in calls but I also had a couple of occasions when I got the "your microphone is very quiet" problem

Since I reverted to version 3.8 it has worked faultlessy as it did before I fell for the update gotcha :¬)

Cheers HC

  sajeev 14:39 07 Jan 2010

Thanks Woolwell and Tosh.
I think it is unlikely that it is the Dell 700m as it has performed faultlessly with Skype till recently.
Perhaps it is the 4.1 Skype version.
From where can I download the 3.8 version?

  Sea Urchin 15:05 07 Jan 2010

You can download from here

click here

but uninstall your existing version first.

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