Quiet laptop?

  rainbow79 06:48 20 Mar 2005

Am looking for a QUIET laptop. For basic home use, preferably under £1,000. Any recommendations?

  rainbow79 05:40 21 Mar 2005


  Belatucadrus 10:07 21 Mar 2005

Go to PCWorld and check them out, even if you don't buy from them it'll give you a chance to see what the current ranges sound like.

  TomJerry 10:29 21 Mar 2005

are normally quiet becuase P-M proceesor (Centrino) consumer less power, generate less heat and require less fan action

there are a lot of great deals in PC World, but, you CANNOT find noisy level in shop becuase (1) shoper is a lot noisy than home, so all sound nice in shop (2) you cannot test laptop for long time in shop, fan only kick in when you use long time

In conclusion, do not get laptop with Pentium 4 processor because they are not meant for laptop.

  Belatucadrus 12:15 21 Mar 2005

True, but in my branch the demo machines are on all the time, so fans are active where applicable. Thus it is possible to compare machines even if ambient noise in shop distorts perception when compared to use in the quieter home environment.

  rainbow79 11:19 23 Mar 2005


  Whaty 12:34 23 Mar 2005

Going on from TomJerry's post, I recently set up a new Sony Laptop (using the latest centrino processor) for a friend and it was almost silent, I was amazed at how quiet the machine was even after extended use... Nice machine, lovely screen but I was a bit surprised there wasn't a dedicated graphics card in a £900 computer... Didn't try any games but it ran DVD's no problem.

  Kate B 12:21 24 Mar 2005

This might be heresy but Apple's laptops are very quiet. BIg range offers a choice of entry-level iBooks up to storming PowerBooks. For a grand I'd suggest a 14" iBook with the Ram upped to 768MB (they ship with a fairly measly 256MB) and the optical drive specced up to the Superdrive (ie a DVD burner).

  TomJerry 12:40 24 Mar 2005

Dell Latitude D610

review click here

specs click here

  rainbow79 04:58 10 Apr 2005

Thank you.

I'm really confused..... what's the diffence between "Intel Celeron D", "Intel Pentium M", "Intel Celeron M"??

  rainbow79 05:19 10 Apr 2005

And how do they compare for noise?

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