Quiet CPU Fan

  moosh 22:46 23 May 2003

I really need to replace my cpu fan with as quiet a fan as possible. This is an AMD Athlon XP1900+, 1.60 Ghz. Any suggestions on what to buy? Thanks in advance.

  VoG™ 22:49 23 May 2003
  The Spires 22:52 23 May 2003
  professor 23:51 23 May 2003

im getting a coler master Xdream fan its a silent fan has an rpm of 6800 CFM 37.6 and a copper base its a little pricy at £30 but its damn good from what i can tell and at £30 it probably comes with some of cooler masters excellent premium compund paste too. oh u can pick up the Xdream at pcworld.


  kane_2002k 02:45 24 May 2003

click here
has extreme quiet mode, around £30

coolermaster xdream does not have a silent fan!!, misleading infomation, speed can be adjusted to change noise levels, but at no point is it silent.
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following link contains table showing that the xdream creates 34 dBA at lowest setting and 60.6 dBA at max, i really wouldn't consider this silent.

This is opposed to the zalman making 20 dBA at lowest setting and 32dBA at highest.

  kane_2002k 02:46 24 May 2003

click here

correct address of the dead link above.

  mrdsgs 08:49 24 May 2003

Zalman flower cooler is the one to go for.

there is a copper/aluminium model and an all copper model which is better. the fan is larger than most cpu fans and therefore can be run at a slower speed with the included fan speed regulator.

Also, it looks fantastic!

The fan is not directly attached to the heatsink so there is no vibration and it blows air onto the heatsink rather than sucking heat away from it and that reduces noise still further.

i use them on several machines, xp2400 runs at 39 degrees c and the fan is on the silent setting.

expect to pay around £35.00 retail.

(I've got one of the all copper ones, still shrink wrapped for a project that has not happened and you could have it for £30.00 plus postage if you are interested)


  moosh 09:19 24 May 2003

Thanks to everyone for help. I think I know what to go for now.

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