Quiet CPU Cooler??

  SAH 22:30 15 Feb 2010


I recently fitted a Xilence P4 Pro Socket 478 CPU Cooler as my existing cooler was quite noisy and as the space was limited on my motherboard this was the only alternative:

click here

Unfortunately this cooler seems just as noisy if not worse than my old one, is there an alternative cooler that may fit my motherboard, which is an ASUSTeK P4B533-V

The only other possible solution I was considering was to just change the fan on the CPU Cooler as it looks as though it can be removed seperately and to replace it with a quieter one if that would be possible???

Can anyone help me please?

Many Thanks

  User-312386 22:40 15 Feb 2010

I have looked at your thread and seen your problems here - the skythe and Zaman fans are nice and quiet click here however, you are starting to look at big money and as you have a P4 it generates alot of heat and therefore the fans, which are connected to the motherboard will run at there fastest speed.

Do you have a rear case fan to expel the air? I assume you have and i can assume thats its probably an 80mm affair which once again makes a lot of noise, unless you spend money on a quality fan!

  SAH 22:26 16 Feb 2010

Thanks for the info madboy33.

I've been recommended to try this CPU cooler:

click here

According to the Zalman website it's supposed to be compatible with my motherboard. The website says compatible with ASUS P4B533-X but my motherboard is the ASUS P4B533-V, so I'm not sure what the difference is and it does look quite big and I only have limited space on my motherboard so I'm not so sure, failing that I might just try and swap the fan for a quieter one and see how it sound, Zalman seem to have a good range so will give them a go!

  User-312386 22:45 16 Feb 2010

I would not go for that one above, i would go for this one click here - the reason being is that the fan does not blow down on your P4 it blows on the heatsinks that disapates the heat. I have the zalman fan that you want to try and its ok but in my humble opinion on the P4 the fan should blow directly down onto the cpu!

  SAH 23:01 16 Feb 2010

Yeah I take your point madboy33...the one you suggested looks good but I've got restricted room on my motherboard so probably no good for me, but thanks for the advice though, most appreciated!

  palinka 16:27 17 Feb 2010

maybe you've already visited this site -click here
if not it would be worth a look. I found a solution there when i had a similar problem a few years ago.

  SAH 13:43 19 Feb 2010

Thanks palinka, yeah that's the site I'd been looking at, I've decided just to change the fan though, rahter than the whole CPU, I just need to find an 80mm fan that is quieter than the one I've got as it's driving me mad!!!

  User-312386 14:12 19 Feb 2010

As I said before you have a got CPU anyway! Just a quick question, what thermal paste did you use and how did you apply it (ie in a small blob or a thin layer)?

  User-312386 14:12 19 Feb 2010

I mean to say you have a hot CPU

  SAH 15:54 19 Feb 2010

madboy33....sorry I mean't to say CPU cooler...not sure about how the thermal paste was applied as an engineer called at my house to fit it, I think it was applied as a layer as that is how most websites seem to advise you to apply it, also it would have been the paste that came with the CPU cooler. :-)

  User-312386 17:30 19 Feb 2010

You see if you use the paste supplied by the manufacturer, in my opinion it is not good enough, i use arctic silver click here and just apply a small blob in the middle of the cpu and then close the lever of the heatsink down, it then spreads the paste into every nook and cranny of the cpu!

When you fit the fan take of the CPU heatsink and apply arctic silver and this should also bring down your heat as well!

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