Quicktime file loses it's audio file, why?

  Kooji 19:25 03 Jun 2006

Help again please... I have a small Quicktime file on my desktop which I want to 'burn' onto a cd or dvd that I can view using a DVD player, however, after 'burning' there is no audio file so I can't hear the speech. It's like watching t.v. with the sound turned off. What am I doing wrong. I am using Nero by the way. Once again 'Idiot proof instructions please??' I am a complete novice at this sort of thing. Thanks in advance to all....

  skidzy 18:09 04 Jun 2006

Are you saying once you have burnt the disc, you have no sound at all.How about your music files do they come out ok ?

Maybe give this a go,you may need an audio codec as one could have been corrupted or deleted.
click here
Hope this helps

  Kooji 19:24 04 Jun 2006

Hi Skidzy. Yes my audio 'burns' are all o.k. but when I try to 'burn' the Quicktime file or 'open it using windows media player, there is no audio just the 'movie' on the disc. I checked the site you recommended but I don't know what I'm supposed to download, there seems to be such a variety of stuff. Can you kindly narrow down the download I might be better off using and also, how to use it?? Sorry to sound such an idiot, but I am an Absoulute beginner at this sort of thing.... Many Thanks....

  skidzy 21:08 04 Jun 2006

Hi Kooji..... If you just click on the click here and then click on the download,save to your desktop,double click the icon and install.It should run automatically.

I would think if you uninstall the version you have at the moment then run this click here click on the nearest mirror site..if in uk,france will be the nearest.
This will tidy up any obsolete registry paths after removal of quicktime...reboot.

Then download quicktime from click here
this is the full version ...or this the basic version
click here

Furthermore,you do not sound an idiot at all....its taken common sense to ask for help.

Im off on holiday a bit later,so if this does not fix your problem...start a new thread in the helproom and copy this threads link so others can see the help you have had so far.This will help others not to repeat this idea of a solution.
Good luck. hope this helps.

  Kooji 12:32 05 Jun 2006

Many, many thanks for that skidsy. I did what you suggested and yes I have have succeeded in 'burning the file onto a cd,which will play fine in the computer. However, if I then put the disc into a cd player it cannot recognise it, I get a message saying 'cd empty'. Can I ask another question, Is it possible to make it play in a normal cd player, and if so how do you do that? Idiot proof answers please. Thanks in advance to all of you patient people out there..

  Kooji 12:33 05 Jun 2006

ps Have a good hoiday skidsy.......

  Kooji 12:53 05 Jun 2006

SORRY Folks out there. My question in line four shoud be: is it possible to make it play in a normal DVD Player..??

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