Southernboy 13:48 28 Jun 2004

Yesterday, I installed a Kodak Picture CD and noticed that, when complete, there was also an icon titled QuickTime on the desktop. What I found annoying was that it displayed a message, inviting me to download a later version. As this PC is not connected to the internet, and there seemed to be no way of getting rid of the message, other than clicking on "later", for it to continually pop up, I thought I would attempt to find out exactly what QuickTime does. It appeared to be some sort of internet facility, do I decided to delete it as all I wanted to do was to view my pictures.

This is where I made the classic error. I uninstalled it via add/remove programs, but when I checked, it was still in the list of programs. So, I repeated the process. It was still listed so, at this point, I gave up.

Then I found the Kodak program would not work. Ok, I thought, I'll uninstall and then reinstall, which I did. The Kodak program still refuses to work. I now think that the second uninstall attempt may have removed some important file which the reinstallation of the Kodak program does not replace. It may have removed something from the registry, but I would have no way of knowing. I don't get any error message telling me that a named file cannot be found, which I understand is the usual result of deleting a necessary file.

Any ideas, please?

  MartinT-B 14:25 28 Jun 2004

click here. kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=9/511/515/1047&pq-locale=en_US

Copy/paste and remove the gap just befopre Kodak:

WINDOWS system requirements to run the KODAK Picture CD version 5.2

INTEL PENTIUM 200 MHz Processor (or higher)
MICROSOFT WINDOWS 98 (SE), WINDOWS NT 4.0 (SP5), WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS Millennium, or WINDOWS XP operating systems
64 MB RAM and 200 MB of available hard disk space (250 MB or more available disk space recommended)
CD-ROM XA ready, multi-session, PHOTO CD compatible 4X CD-ROM drive
High Color (16-bit) color display (higher color setting recommended)
800x600 screen area


Internet access is required for online functionality. If you are using INTERNET EXPLORER, it should be version 5.1 or greater.

You need APPLE QUICKTIME 4.0 or greater in order to create a KODAK Picture CD Picture Postcard or Road Show. You can obtain QUICKTIME 5 from click here. Your friends and family can view Picture Postcards and Road Shows using APPLE QUICKTIME 3.0 or greater

Significant performance improvements will be observed with systems that exceed the minimum requirements.

Quicktime is a requirement or the Kodak Program will not rum

Apple is now on version 6.5.1 the version bundled has obviously been superceded.

BTW: I think you should have realised that Quicktime was a requirement if you had looked at the readme.

  MartinT-B 14:26 28 Jun 2004

edit: The click me section is just the http:// www bit

  Mango Grummit 16:35 28 Jun 2004

QickTime runs .mov files. That's all I use it for but there may be other prgs that do so too and I would be grateful and obliged if anyone could enlighten me just out of interest.

Regards and thanks, M

  MartinT-B 17:15 28 Jun 2004


There is something called Quicktime alternative click here On the left should be a download link.

Alternatively, click here and scroll down until you see it.

  Southernboy 14:48 29 Jun 2004

I have no internet connection so cannot download anything. The PC I use for this site is not mine and does not permit downloading.

My son also installed the Kodak CD on his old PC (no internet), but chose the option NOT to install Qucktime and does not have the Quicktime icon, nor the irritating message. He can access the Kodak CD quite normally, so I am confused.

What I do not understand is why the reinstallation of the CD does not reinstall the program to full function? I can only conclude that the removal of Quicktime also removed something that is not contained in the Kodak CD.

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