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  [DELETED] 19:59 28 Oct 2003

I am running M/S XP and want to find a patch or a download that will speed up download time. I am only using a normal phoneline and not a broadband.

  powerless 20:04 28 Oct 2003

No patch or program will speed up a download in my opinion.

However click here and read 1 to 5 whilst they will not give you a big boost in download speed it could help just a "little bit".

To get any real speed increase you would have to go BB.

  [DELETED] 20:55 28 Oct 2003

From: click here

FAST: V7.2 Provides textual content before ANY other browser[2], and noticeably faster than IE for total page loading time (although measuring timing in browsers is highly variable to say the least, YMMV). Presto, the Opera7 rendering engine puts the emphasis on getting the content of a page (the text) to the user earlier than FireBird, and Opera's cache performance is faster than any other browser (tested using Gecko/20030929 Firebird/0.7+ aebrahim optimised build, IE 6.0 and the IE shell MyIE2?).

*** The biggest difference is for modem users, and for those on older computers, where browsers like Firebird bog down (tested with a P166, 128Mb memory). ***

The wonderful ability to quickly toggle graphics on/off in real time speeds page loading, and having proper page loading information (instead of the meaningless throbber in FireBird and IE), allows constant feedback and adjustment on the state of loading pages. An easily configurable user interface and many of the other features highlighted on this page make the user faster!

*** My Note: By fast download no claim is made that it speeds up your connection. What it does do is download in the background even while you're deciding which directory you wish to save the file in, or it bypasses the dialogue altogether if you set the preferences for certain file types. So downloads begin as soon as you click on the link.***

FAST DOWNLOAD: You can choose to download any file to a predefined location without calling up any file/save dialogs. This time-saving feature can be accessed using context menus for the link, mouse gestures or key commands. Firebird has recently reproduced this feature (called automatic downloading) in V0.7. Additionally, Opera can be configured to fast-download specific file types to different directories; you can make Opera always put MP3 files in a downloads/mp3 directory while putting PDF files in downloads/pdf directories. This is unique to Opera.

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