Quicken .QPH file not backing up

  Raymond McCormick 15:47 02 Dec 2016

With the normal manual backup 4 files are copied but not the .QPH file. What is kept in the QPH file? Should I do a manual copy of that file? Can the program's backup procedure just be replaced with copying the five files to the backup drive after exiting Quicken? Ray

  Bris 19:26 02 Dec 2016

Quicken! now that is going back a long way. Info here.

  QuizMan 19:30 03 Dec 2016

QPH is the home inventory. I still use Quicken, but gave up on the that part of it many moons ago. Yes, you can copy the various files manually. In fact I do that quite regularly as the automatic backup often produces an error message in Windows 10. It is something I have never got to the bottom of, but can live with it.

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