Quicken online share price updates have stopped??

  Budgie52 20:07 08 Dec 2008

Quicken resumed the provision of automatic share price updates back in September 2007 after a break of over 7 months when the service was promptly stopped.

It appears that the Quicken update service has again stopped on 3 dec/08?? Is anyone else experiencing problems in updating their Quicken share database since that date - or am I experiencing a technical problem which is specific to my PC/wireless internet connection??

  gunders 20:40 09 Dec 2008

I'm having the same problem. Quicken locks up after downloading the currency updates and then takes 100% CPU usage, forcing me to kill the application using Task Manager.

  Housten 14:17 04 Jan 2009

I too have this problem. It happened in March 2008 and then the downloads re-started in April. I looked around for another programme but all the ones I found that allowed downloading of share prices were aimed at professional/brokers and cost quite a lot on a monthly basis.

I have had a further look round during December and whilst there are programmes which will do your bank and building accounts - even shares I have found out - none of these allow the updating of share prices by downloading. So I don't see the point in buying something which Quicken does perfectly adequately for me.

If anybody does know of such a programme I am sure there are a lot of people who would be very grateful for this information, but in the meantime I think I will have to write my own programme to handle our shares and their updating.

Big Ron

  peterdowd 12:29 17 Jan 2009

I too have the same problem.
The update to Currency Rates still works but you have to untick the share price option before updating.

  Housten 16:11 18 Jan 2009


I have just followed this by using the 'One step update'. When the 'quotes and headlines' is unticked and 'currency exchange rates' is ticked I agree that the update proceeds normally and I get control of the computer back, partly I suspect because I have no currencies to be updated as all my shares are quoted in sterling. If the shares can not be updated then I fail to see where this helps us all to move forward.

  JefUK 10:43 27 Nov 2009

UK Quicken users lost the ability to download and import share prices at the end of 2008.

A script is available that automates share price download and their importation into Quicken. The specified share prices are downloaded from Yahoo Finance, converted into a compatible format, and then automatically imported into Quicken. It is as easy to use as the original Quicken download feature.

The original script downloads share prices and can be modified to include UK Fund prices.

Download script and instructions from here: click here

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