Quicken 98 and Windows 7

  be1144 18:15 13 Jul 2011

My Quicken 98 will not run on Win 7 64 bit. What is the best piece of free software that will do a similar job?

  TonyV 19:11 13 Jul 2011


I think you are right, Version 98 probably will not work with Win 7 because of compatibility problems. I have the 2004 version which, with a bit of jiggery pokery, works fine in Win 7.

If you Google "Free Home Finance Software", you will find a number of examples to be getting on with!


  Housten 17:06 14 Jul 2011

Yes TonyV is quite right, I have 2004 Quicken XG running very well and nicely in Windows 7 64 Bit. I even get it to back up whenever I want it to, and all my files were carried over with no problems. In fact the only two problems I have are with the back up - it will save only one copy ( overwriting the existing back up ) and whilst listed in the box as to where to save the back up I have a Seagate external USB hard drive when doing the actual back up the programme doesn't find it!! Odd, or what??

  c4rm0 20:14 14 Jul 2011

why dont you download the Microsoft application compatibility toolkit and see if there is a Shim ? Have you tried the different compatibility options ? Windows 7 has XP mode where through Virtual PC it creates a Virtual XP machine

  David4637 10:11 15 Jul 2011

I have Q2002 running on W7. Help does not work. I had to load all the files in Quicken ProgFiles in XP to mem stick, then copy them into W7. There is a LOT OF INFO info on running it on W7, if you do search over the last 12 months, ALTHOUGH I dont remember seeing any for Quicken 98? David

  wiz-king 20:13 15 Jul 2011

A good alternative moneybox

  joe95 10:11 16 Jul 2011

I had a similar problem with Quicken 2000 several months ago when changed to 7 went back to my local PC shop who installed Win7 with my Quicken disc ten minutes later it was up and running and has worked perfectly ever since so perhaps there is a work around as other people have said,

  Simsy 11:28 16 Jul 2011

I have quicken 200 running OK, on WIn 7 64 bit... but I had to coppy a .ddl file from elsewhere to get it working. I have the reference at home so I can look it up when I get back there...

However, lest this doesn't work for you, while researching for something similar, before I found the fix, the best I came across, (in terms of it being most similar to Quicken in operation) was "Ace Money" (The "lite" version can only handle 2 accounts, but is free).

The only thing I didn't like about it, comparing it to Quicken, was the way it reconciles...

With Quicken, when you reconcile you enter in you latest statement balance, the "tick off" all the transactions that have appeared on that statement. When you've finished the Quicken reconcile window should show an "outstanding" figure of £0.00. If it doesn't something is wrong. It's eaasy to see if it's not £0.00, so easy to detect that there is an error somewhere, either in your original entries, or with the statement...

With AceMoney the arithmetic is the same, (obviously!), but you don't start by enterign your latest statement balance... instead you just "tick off" the items on your statement, and when you have finished the outstanding balance showing in AceMoney should be the same as that on the statement.

Now there is nothing wrong with that, in principle, BUT, if you have made a simple error, such as a typo, in a transaction, you may not notice it, and may not spot it when reconciling....

For example, suppose your statement shows a closing balance of £368.75, and you reconcile and Acemoney shows a closing balance of £386.75, it would be easy, (for me at least!), to miss it, assume all is well, and carry on... when in fact there is a discrepancy of £18 !! In Quicken because you are aiming for a "target" of £0.00 if you don't reach it, you are less likely to miss the error.

However, I fully accept that the same issue arises if you type in an incorrect amount as the closing balance, at the start of the reconcile process in Quicken!

Hope this makes sense!

When I get home I'll look up the advice I used and post it here!



  Simsy 11:32 16 Jul 2011

Forgot the link...




  Simsy 17:39 17 Jul 2011

Hi again...

I'm afraid I can't find the advice I referred to in my earlier post!

However, by examining the contents of my "Quicken" folder, (I chose not to install in the default folder, but created a folder called "Quicken" in the "Program Files (x86)" folder), and looking at the "Date modified" properties, I think it is 2 files that I copied over from another XP installation, namely;




Good luck,

(I repeat that it's Quicken 2000 I have!)



  Simsy 17:47 17 Jul 2011

In fact...

I've just found where I got the advice from, and in fact it was 3 files. Note this advice refers to Quicken XG, and mine is 2000.


Good luck,



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