Quicken 98 and Vista

  richard88 18:27 12 Aug 2008

I have 10 years of records in Quicken98 on my old XP laptop. Intuit say I cannot transfer these files to my new Vista Business laptop (Intuit have stopped supporting us in Europe anyway) but comment in other Forum threads suggest it is possible but maybe only for the 2004 version. Alternativly could I transfer these records to another package such as Microsoft Money and should that be done before or after migration to the new computer? If possible I prefer to stick with Quicken. Better the devil you know!

I really only use Quicken for simple account and budget analysis under headings I have set. It's ability to allow you to analyse down to individual entries is particularly useful to me. I don't use it for downloading data from bank accounts over the internet, etc.

Any advise much appreciated.

  Pine Man 18:40 12 Aug 2008

I would be inclined to get a copy of Money and install it on your present laptop and then import your Quicken files into it. You then have the option of loading Money on to your new machine and you will be able to access your Qucken/Money files safely.

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