keithpld 11:09 14 Jan 2010

I gather that Quicken is no longer supported. I have Quicken 2000 running on XP, and it's gradually been getting more and more iffy - refusing to backup and unhappy with starting new years. I think the time has come to move to something new, but what? Moneydance looks reasonable, but I can't get the hang of it, and transfer from Quicken seems a bit hit and miss. Another suggestions - either to get Quicken working properly or an alternative personal finance package as good as the old Quicken.


  David4637 12:47 14 Jan 2010

I use Quicken 2000 on XP, and its as good as the day it was loaded. You could uninstall it from Add/Remove Progs, then reinstall it using the original CD that came with it. You will lose all your settings. Its worth a try before using an alternative with a learning curve as well. David

  Sea Urchin 12:52 14 Jan 2010

I don't know whether this previous thread is relevant - it concerns Quicken 2004 and you don't say what exact problems you are having:

click here

  keithpld 12:54 14 Jan 2010

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken many times over the years. It seems the data files are getting corrupted at end of year. It is not the program itself, just when I tranfer the data files over.

  keithpld 12:58 14 Jan 2010

The problems I'm having are a refusal to backup within the program whenever it is closed - although for some reason that's OK at present - but, more importantly, it now completely refuses to do a year end copy properly. I know I could just keep using the same file, but when I did that for several years before it became unmanageable in some way (can't remember now).

  Woolwell 13:04 14 Jan 2010

Personal Accountz click here could be an option.
I have Quicken 2004 which I keep running. I haven't done n end of year for some years and haven't had a problem.

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