Quicken 2008 compatibilty with 32 and 64 bit Win 7

  NormSlutzker 03:21 22 Jan 2017

If I purchase a NOS copy of Quicken deluxe 2008 will it work on Windows 7/64 bit and Windows 7/32 bit applications? Will there be any printing problems with either system? Will data files from either computer update and swap properly even to my PC Windows 7/32 bit loaded now with Quicken 98 Deluxe? Norm I am not sure how I will get a reply from this forum so here is my contact info [email protected]

  Pine Man 08:37 22 Jan 2017

All I can say for sure is that Quicken 2008 will definitely work on a Windows 7 PC and you will have no problem printing from it. As far as swapping and updating data files between Quicken 98 and Quicken 2008 I would say that it is probably doomed to failure but that is only a guess.

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