Quicken 2004 and vista

  Edith 22:57 16 Jan 2008

Just purchased a new compter with OS Vista and unable to load my version of Quicken 2004. Have read in the Forum that it will run under Vista if you download the compatability programm. Can someone explain how to do that.


  anskyber 23:15 16 Jan 2008

Does this help? click here

  Edith 08:23 17 Jan 2008

Thank you for your response. My problem is I am unable to even load Quicken 2004 onto the new computer with OS Vista. Edith

  ventanas 08:38 17 Jan 2008

How are you installing, if from the disc interface it may not work. Try locating the setup file on the CD, right-clicking it and then choose Run as Administrator.

click here

  Edith 23:59 17 Jan 2008


Thank you for your suggestion. I have now managed to laod the programm by using the compatabilty function in Vista.

Many thanks

  technophobia 14:52 31 May 2008

I was heartened to hear that Edith has managed to run Quicken 2004 in Vista using the compatibility tool. Unfortunately I am still without Quicken. I reinstalled and then chose it from a list of programs in the compatibility tool, but it wouldn't launch, saying some dll file was missing. I uninstalled again tried telling it to use the CD rom, but that only started an ordinary installation that failed. I tried right-clicking on the setup file but it didn't give me the option to run as administrator. Another forum told me to use the Quicken clean tool to uninstall, and then delete any Quicken folders manually, but that didn't help either. HELP!!!!!

  Newuser38 17:02 31 May 2008

This click here= seemed to help some people.

  drewstew 16:35 13 Jun 2008

I read about the difficulties of running Quicken under Vista, so was very apprehensive. Fortunately I was moving from one machine to another. What i did was to copy the WHOLE Quicken directory from my old machine to the Program Files directory of my new machine. I then ran the Quicken installation CD on top of it to get everything into the Registry. Voila! Opened and worked first time, even without having to use the Compatability feature. Only slight problem was that all Sound defaults had disappeared, but there they were in the Sounds box under Control Panel, waiting to be re-assigned. Hope this helps!

  Woolwell 22:45 15 Jun 2008

Have had to get a new pc and it came with Vista. Installed Quicken 2004 by using ventanas method. I did not let auto-run start. I have not used any compatibility setting and it is working. Am I lucky?

  Mr Brush 22:00 30 Jul 2008

just purchased latest sont laptop with vista and could not get quicken 2004 to run. was advised to go into setup and run the configure bit. set up to run as xp on my vista and behold ...it is on !!! it only took a week of wrngling and frustration. hope this helps . possibly the latest models of vista can now support qiocken!!hooray ....or am i missing something ?

  guildsman 18:10 24 Nov 2008

just changed my computer and installed vista. Tried to install quicken 2004 from cd, got as far as seeing it appear on my desktop, but cannot activate it. What do I do next?

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