quicken 2004

  chicopac 19:55 29 Jun 2009

set it all up in XP Pro
I want to add 'Transfer' to the type of transaction
i already have


thank you

  QuizMan 20:57 29 Jun 2009

I have Quicken 2004, but I am not sure that I understand what you are trying to do here. Are you looking to set up a new category? If so it is via Tools>Category list. If this is not what you want can you explain in a little more detail please.

  chicopac 07:53 30 Jun 2009

thanks for replying
when you enter a transaction Quicken asks one to select


under the box you enter a cheque no
i want to enter a Transfer item
the programme suggests a 'Crete New' but that doesn't seem to work

  QuizMan 10:03 30 Jun 2009

I am still not sure if I am looking in the right place. When you refer to "under the box you enter a cheque no" is this the second column? If so perhaps I am not seeing the same things that you are. I have a drop down list that is pre-populated with Quicken's choices plus ones I have added my self. But nowhere can I see "bill", "payment" etc, although it does include "transfer" (labelled as TXFR). Maybe we have slightly different versions. Are you sure you have the UK version. Have a look in Help>About. My version is Quicken XG 2004 UK Edition release R2.

  chicopac 10:15 30 Jun 2009

Hi Quizman
I have the identical version
and it is the second column
i want to add 'Transfer' and others to drop down list
i would like to revise my list but when i click 'create now' at the top i return to one of the items on the drop down list
tell me how you added to the choices please?

  QuizMan 10:24 30 Jun 2009

Perhaps we are not using Quicken in the same manner. I do not see Create New, but when accessing the drop down list, I click on "Edit List" and it brings up various options including "New". This enables me to create what Quicken describes as "User Defined NUM list items". However, as I said previously, TXFR (transfer) is already there as one of Quicken's default options.

Does this help?

  QuizMan 11:00 30 Jun 2009

I need to go out now, but if you still need some help, please leave another post and I shall ponder the problem again later.


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