Quicken 2004

  ChasNoel 14:39 14 Aug 2008

My computer crashed and the "expert" took it away. He managed to download all my documents onto a disk and restart the machine. He returned with it and told me he needed my Quicken disc to reloan the programme files. The only disc I have is entitled Quicken 2002 and I have no recollection of ever seeing a 2004 one. I am now left with all my financial detials on the PC but cannot access them. Does anyone know where I can beg, borrow (I hesitate to say steal) a 2004 disc for a couple of days so tha I can transfer all my financial data to M S Money?

  Woolwell 16:44 14 Aug 2008

You are in luck I have 2 legitimate discs.

I'll contact you.

  mimram 17:12 14 Aug 2008


Just a thought but how does your "expert" know they are Quicken 2004 files? Sure the icon for 2004 is different from 2002 - but this would only show up after Quicken was loaded. You would have to have purchased 2004 as a separate item (I am not aware there was ever an upgrade because it was so cheap in the first place). I suspect you may just have 2002 data files and could reload 2002 with no probs up to XP (no experience of Vista).

  ChasNoel 17:26 14 Aug 2008

Many thanks! I do hope that solves my problem. Just how are you going to contact me though?

  ChasNoel 17:29 14 Aug 2008

He copied all my files onto a disk before formatting the hard drive. When he reloaded all the date, there was the Quicken data and among it a Quicken.dat file. When he clicked on this it came up "Quicken2004" with a message "Cannot open file". I am as bemused about this as you possibly are.

  Woolwell 19:01 14 Aug 2008

ChasNoel - Use the yellow envelope to contact me.

  ChasNoel 20:45 14 Aug 2008

It looks as thought there is more wrong with my PC than just Quicken. I DID try to E-mail you via yellow envelope but the PC finally gave up. Can you please try to do likewise

  Woolwell 21:26 14 Aug 2008

Have tried.

  Woolwell 23:31 15 Aug 2008

Disc sent

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