Quickbooks help - accountants don't have a copy

  xania 12:44 15 Mar 2007

The company I now work for has Quickbooks installed for all their main accounts - some 50 different accounts are managed - but unfortunately their accountants don't have Quickbooks. They want to send their accounts from Quickbooks to the accountants on a CD. How can this be achieved assuming that the accountants will only read and not amend the data. I was looking at either .pdf or .csv, but cannot see how to export the files to either format.

  rick808 12:56 15 Mar 2007

I have no experiance with Quickbooks but presuming you can print from it this will do the job - click here

  chocolate cake 15:47 15 Mar 2007

Depends what format your accts want the data. If they can advise you what information they want it should be able to export the relevant data in csv or txt or even prn format.

The accts then have the headache of restoring the data to a format that they can use with the system that they use.

I haven't seen many QB cases but from memory the data can be exported in csv in the reporting suite.

Have you tried contacting QB for support? Have your coy paid for after-sales?

  xania 09:57 19 Mar 2007

Thank you both for your comments.

chocolate cake - your second para is what I was hoping to avoid which is why the .pdf is the the primary option.

I'll do some more experimentation and discus with the help desk.

  wee eddie 10:32 19 Mar 2007

or change the program that you use.

To be honest: If your Accountants value you as a Client, they will get the relevant software so that they can Audit your work.

  €dstowe 10:52 19 Mar 2007

I agree with wee eddie. My accountants have preferred programs which they suggest you use for their audits but, if you have a system already set up they will change to suit the client. Depends, I suppose, how much you are worth to them. If they can't accommodate your methods, go elsewhere. There are plenty of accountants around eager for business.

  Totally-braindead 13:02 19 Mar 2007

One of my friends uses Quickbooks as that was the program his accountant advised him to use and therefore he has no problem with it as they have it as well.
If you do find a way to print it out and your accountants have to retype everything I would suggest you could end up with a hefty bill.
I presume when they started using Quickbooks the accountant they used then had it. I suppose theres not much chance of going back to the previous accountant is there?
Failing that its either change your software or your accountant.

  pj123 14:29 19 Mar 2007

You could try this:

I don't have Quickbooks as I use Quicken 3.

But if you go into Reports, you will get an Export button. If you click on that you can export it to Excel. Once that has been done you save the Excel file which I assume can be used by your accountants.

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