quick wifi kit question

  Kate B 13:32 18 Dec 2004

Having moved my router I need to connect my PC wirelessly to it. PCI card is no good because it would be under the desk where the signal is weaker than a low-alcohol beer.

At the moment I've got a wireless dongle which is doing the job OK but ever since I installed it my PC freezes up about twice an hour and the only way to get the machine up again is to turn it off at the power supply. This, needless to say, is driving me bananas.

I suspect the dongle because the PC was absolutely fine when the router was physically connected to it via ethernet.

So - what else can I use to get the PC and the router talking? I was thinking an ethernet bridge of the type used to put PlayStations and Xboxes on to a network: will that do the trick?

  powerless 17:04 18 Dec 2004

Wireless Extender?

click here

  Kate B 19:18 18 Dec 2004

Powerless, thanks for that. I think it's not right, though, for two reasons: first, I want something that will simply plug into the PC and second, my router is Netgear and I tend to think you're best off not mixing and matching wifi kit from different manufacturers. Should have said Netgear in the original post, actually.

  powerless 19:45 18 Dec 2004

Yes you should have ;-))

That router doesn.t have LAN does it?

  Kate B 19:48 18 Dec 2004

Um, not sure - it's the bogstandard DG834G wireless ADSL jobbie ...

  powerless 14:56 19 Dec 2004

In that case it does :-))

Same router as mine. You can have it wired up to the computer if you want.

  Kate B 18:42 20 Dec 2004

ethernet bridge has done the trick, and the machine hasn't crashed all afternoon. Yippee!

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