Quick Time problem

  Gazzerr 16:49 29 Jan 2006

Not sure what has happened but I tunes won't play. I have tried reinstalling but it says that I tunes has to close but then says its successfully installed. When I try to open it says Quicktime failed to initialise error 2095. When I try to delete quicktime it says that the uninstaller log can't be found. i have tried to download the latest version of quick time ( it took one hour) but then says it can't run and must have been corrupted so download again!

I have found the same error in google but not found any answer other than downloading the latest version of quicktime which I have done to no success and the other talked about deleting quicktime manually and correcting the registry which I didn't follow.

Anyone any tips on what to do.

Thanks for any help

  €dstowe 17:34 29 Jan 2006

Have a look at click here

  €dstowe 17:35 29 Jan 2006

Sorry, posted too soon.

meant to carry on with:

is this the one you have tried?

  Gazzerr 17:55 29 Jan 2006

Yes, I saw that but couldn't follow what he had done - a bit too esoteric for me!!!

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