quick time movie won't burn to dvd

  snesmonkey 23:18 09 Jul 2006

Hi all.Just trying to burn my very first DVD using footage taken on my Olympus digital camera stored in Quicktime.
Trouble is I've only been able to burn a video cd (which my dvd player won't play)
How can I change the format of my Quicktime footage to allow me to burn a traditional DVD which I can play on any of my players and not just on the computer?
I humbly await your wise words

  skidzy 23:36 09 Jul 2006

What format have you burnt the movie in ?
I would think you have burnt in quicktime Mov format,you may need to convert the movie into mpeg4.

It may be trial and error to find a format compatible with your dvd player,depending how new your dvd player is.click here
this is a trial version,sorry dont know much about this program.

  skidzy 23:40 09 Jul 2006

Just found this one click here
again i dont much about this one....

Hope these help

  ashdav 23:51 09 Jul 2006
  Woolwell 00:11 10 Jul 2006

Roxio DVD Builder allows you to import your Olympus Digital Camera movies and then you can burn to DVD.

  Woolwell 12:30 10 Jul 2006

Should have asked this question first - what software did you use to burn the video cd?

  snesmonkey 20:52 11 Jul 2006

thanx to all for their advice. just to clear up some questions movies were stored in Quicktime MOV format and attempted to burn to DVD using Nero Express 6 (possibly an OEM version that came preloaded on my new laptop)
Judging from the various answers there seems to be more than 1 piece of software to do the job.Is there a definitive converter I need to own and if so do I need to buy over the counter or can I download it (free hopefully)
My Broadband connection won't be up and running for a while but I could do with perfecting my burning skills asap. cheers

  skidzy 21:24 11 Jul 2006

This one has a free trial click here

I believe i made an arror in an earlier posting .. i should have said convert to mpeg 2 for a standalone dvd player.

If you try the trial version,could you let us know how you get on please.

Maybe checking through Nero settings to see if it will convert the movie first.Sorry,i do not use Nero.

Hope this helps.

PS this may be better as its free,may suit your needs click here

Good luck

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