Quick settings question for Virginmedia connection.

  birdface 18:34 11 Jun 2012

Just a quick question.

My daughter got a Superhub from Virginmedia this morning and the signal is what you would call crap.

I have the same ISP using W/7 and my daughter has XP.

She lives half a mile away and I just wondered if my settings for the ip4 address.Subnet,default gateway,ip4 dns.

Would her settings be the same as mine as we are using the same ISP.

Or would they be completely different.

Unfortunately she cant connect her computer using an Ethernet cable till thursday morning as she is getting the cable moved from upstairs to downstairs.Her computer is already downstairs but was connected by wireless.

I don't suppose it will cause any problems just trying it and setting it manually.

What do you think.

Getting a very poor signal from upstairs with the new Superhub

  BRYNIT 18:46 11 Jun 2012

This may help. From the Virgin Media help site Click here

  birdface 19:04 11 Jun 2012


Thanks for that just heading up to my daughters just now so if I can connect to the internet I will have another look at your click here.

Got a very poor signal and although it would connect now and then it would not open any browsers etc.Or update any programs.

  bluesbrother 19:12 11 Jun 2012

I changed the channel from the default to 11, made a big difference.

  lotvic 20:48 11 Jun 2012

If she's using wireless connection then it's prob the walls obstructing the signal from the router.

  birdface 21:09 11 Jun 2012


Ntl helpline talked me into changing to 11 today.And that ws without a network connection.

  birdface 21:14 11 Jun 2012


The old netgear router gave a better signal.

Got it going slowly at the moment.Added my connections from my computer and only got it going when I unticked the DNS.

  bluesbrother 01:39 12 Jun 2012

inSSIDer will tell you if any of the neighbours are on the same channel, which could be interfering with your signal. If there is just pick a free one and you should see an improvement.


Don't try a speedtest while inSSIDer is running, it hogs all the bandwidth.

  birdface 09:09 12 Jun 2012


Not sure if I need that or not as she has only one Sky user on her list of wireless signals.

I think once she is connected Via Ethernet it may give the computer the proper settings and maybe then she will pick up the signal better when going back to Wireless.

She is just using a d-link wireless dongle and I am just wondering if that is compatible with the new Superhub or not.

She is supposed to be getting a 20-30Mb download and is just getting about 13.5Mb just now,So maybe some of the computer settings not quite right.She is still on XP on an oldish computer that has seen better days.

  birdface 09:12 12 Jun 2012


Tried your click here when I managed to get her computer to work but was only picking up a 20% signal and could not scroll through it.

Will have another look at it on my computer a little later.

  bluesbrother 12:44 12 Jun 2012

I'm on the 60meg package and at the moment my download speed, as reported by speedtest.bbmax.co.uk is 29262 kbps and by BBC iPlayer diagnosticsis 31321 kbps. At other times I've had reported speeds of 4, 5 and sometimes even 6 thou kbps.

Take these results with a pinch of salt, I've yet to find a trully accurate one.

Just did another test at speedtest.bbmax.co.uk it now says my download speed is 45905 kbps and according to BBC iPlayer diagnostics my speed is now 44681 kbps.

15 minutes between the two tests.

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