Quick SATA/SATAII hardrive Question...

  bennyhillslovechild 02:45 28 Feb 2007

Okay - this is a simple question, to which I am sure the answer is probably 'yes' but just wanted to check anyway. Today I took delivery of my new PC (drool drool) and it has a 320GB Sata ii harddrive in it. Now in my old pc I have a 250GB Sata drive. Can I put this in my new pc a a storage drive? I'm aware it won't run as quick as the new one, but it seems to good a drive to leave lying around. Do I have to adjust any jumpers on it etc to get it working? It's got over 30GB of music and 100GB of video files that I don't want to lose, and transferring via a 100mbps network will take forever!

  phono 03:22 28 Feb 2007

I don't believe you should have any problems, apart from the speed which you already mentioned.

I am also pretty certain that SATA drives are jumperless so again, you shouldn't have any problems on that front either.

  bennyhillslovechild 21:28 01 Mar 2007

Cheers, I'll have a play tomorrow. If computer blows up/melts I'll blame you! :P

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