quick restore question

  suzie005 19:54 16 May 2006

pc not bin automatically setting restore points 4 over a mth.there's enuff space 4 them as well.ne suggestions?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:03 16 May 2006

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click "Performance and Maintenance". Click Administrative Tools, click Computer Management, and then click Services and Applications. Click Services, and then click the Task Scheduler service. Make sure the Service is set to "Automatic" and the status is "started".

If you have a visioneer scanner their one touch start up will prevent SR from starting..start-run-type msconfig-startup and untick the app.


  pickle factory 20:05 16 May 2006

Can only think of checking the slider position in SR settings for amount of memory to reserve for restore points. Bit obvious maybe.

  thospot 20:11 16 May 2006

That's interesting. I have a visioneer scanner that I have never been able to get top side of. Could you elaborate what else it interferes with if anything.
Thank you...

  thospot 20:26 16 May 2006

Err,, I have just read a post by the FE about highjacking and I may just have committed that sin with my question.... I do appologise if that is the case.....

  suzie005 20:31 16 May 2006

no computer management in ME.haven't got one of those scanners.


np.haven't read that thread yet but i thought going by the title that it was abt hijacking hijacking-homepage kinda thing.

  thospot 20:34 16 May 2006


No it isn't about highjacking homepage but other peoples threads.. It is quite well explained by the FE and is well worth reading.

  pickle factory 20:35 16 May 2006

Sorry this doesn't give you a fix, but might give some more click here

  pickle factory 20:36 16 May 2006

errr 'info' fell off the end

  pickle factory 20:40 16 May 2006

Does this help? click here

  pickle factory 20:43 16 May 2006

Also a bit more in the Troubleshooting section here. click here

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