quick question before buying a new graphic card

  DatLemonDoe 03:15 02 Jan 2015

Hi, Im going to buy a new vieo card (nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti) , it looks like a great card for its price. Most of the bad comments are about it not working whit certain pc's , certain version of the bios etc...

I dont want to buy it if its not going to work, i took a look at it and everything seems fine,but i want to make sure before buying it. There's a lot of stuff to look at from what i understood. I basically need someone to confirm me that i have the right pc for the card.

Here's my pc: click here the card: click here !

Here's Thanks

  andy_b_73 13:10 02 Jan 2015

Hi I have Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 750Ti 2GB PCI-E Card from Amazon seems to do all i need for the price i wanted to pay.

Looking at your spec of your computer your PSU may need a upgrade says it has a 300w PSU and my card needs 400w and i would think yours would also.

  DatLemonDoe 15:24 02 Jan 2015

Its a little bit confusing, I looked at many threads about the wattage of the card. Many people said that it would only consume 60w, sometimes a bit more. Some people said 300w what risky since it was using at some points, all the 300w

Ill wait to see if somebody else has something to say, but right now i feel like buying a 400w psu might be the good option.


  Mr Mistoffelees 16:12 02 Jan 2015

Specification here on Nvidia website. 60W consumption, 300W minimum PSU output. I would still be inclined to go for a 400W supply to give it more headroom.

  DatLemonDoe 16:24 02 Jan 2015

Yeah that's what im gonna do. Now i just have to find a good reliable 400w ups, ill look by my self but if anyone knows a really good one, you can link it.

Thanks again.

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