A quick question about geocities!

  AJ28 18:34 10 Sep 2003

After getting video onto my digital camera i would like to put it on a website on geocities, ive got it all ok, but when trying to upload the video file it just goes straight to a 'this page cannot be displayed'
can i just not have video's with geocities?
if this is the case can anyone reccomend anything i can with?

  Qmar 20:25 10 Sep 2003

- may I presume you're a newby..read the geocities terms of service...depending on the size if the 'video'.. you could at the very simplest convert it to .gif (or even 'flash')..search this site and PC- Advisor articles..do you subscribe? ;-)

  AJ28 20:27 10 Sep 2003

O no the size would fit its about 13mb and you get 15mb ive got nothing else on!

How do you 'simply' convert it to gif?

  Qmar 23:50 10 Sep 2003

click here

AVI to GIF and GIF to AVI converters..what is your video format please.

for example.. other animators freeware exist..

  AJ28 17:33 11 Sep 2003

video format is mpg

  Qmar 18:09 11 Sep 2003

mod music
mov QuickTime MooV
mp2 mpeg audio
mp3 mpeg audio
mpeg mpeg video
mpg mpeg video
mtm multi-tracker module

are supported see.. s it should work (?) click here

you may want to post this question in the webdesign section actually.. may get a better answer than mine.

  Qmar 18:50 11 Sep 2003

htm coding...


need plugin to view... e.g...

click here

. need a web-expert to contribute.

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