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  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 18:39 27 Mar 2007

is it possible to connect my pc tower to my laptop and use the laptop screen as a moniter to view whats on the tower?

  rodriguez 18:47 27 Mar 2007

click here - download the free edition and install on both machines. Connect them up with an Ethernet lead (you can do it straight from one to the other without a router, I did this at work). Get the tower's IP address by going to Start, Run, type in cmd and press Enter. In the Command prompt, type in ipconfig and press Enter. The computer's IP will come up, it should be something like Go to the laptop, start up VNC viewer and put this in. It will then connect to the tower and you can view it's screen and also control it.

  rodriguez 18:49 27 Mar 2007

Actually an easier way to find it's IP address is to hover the mouse over the white VNC icon in the taskbar by the clock.

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 18:50 27 Mar 2007

you are a legend! i will give it ago!

Cheers m8y

  MAJ 19:11 27 Mar 2007

Could I connect to a work computer from my home PC and access, say, my emails or other folders, on my work computer, using VNC? I don't mean just to view the desktop, I meam more like a VPN, where I would have full access to my work computer?

  rodriguez 21:31 27 Mar 2007

Yes that's really what it's for - however if it's a work computer you might have firewall issues as the ports need to be forwarded. Your home computer can be set up to be accessed from work tho - just use click here to look up instructions for your router.

  p;3 21:55 27 Mar 2007

if it is of any help you could arrange ( as I do) to get your e mails sent to an external address from which you could pick them up; although I think you are after a bit more access than that?

  bretsky 22:59 27 Mar 2007


  MAJ 00:18 28 Mar 2007

Yes p;3, the emails example wasn't the best one to use as they're fairly simple to get without having to connent to another computer, a simple message rule would sort that one.

Thanks rodriguez, I was being quite lazy (well I was rather busy to be honest) in not reading the instructions on the VNC website, but I did take 10 minutes to browse through it. It's not really my work computer I want to connect to, it's actually a family member's PC, who is always wanting me to repair things, move files around, transfer photos, you know the sort of thing. He doesn't live too far away from me, so this will hopefully save me running up and down from his house, taking disks etc. with me.

  rodriguez 00:29 28 Mar 2007

That's alright then, set VNC up on the family member's PC, set a password and set up portforwarding for their router (click here). You should then be able to connect to theirs. You'll just need to ask them for their IP address, which they can get from click here - then put this in the VNC viewer and it should connect and ask for the password. You might also need to put :5900 after the IP address but this is just the port number and may not be needed if you're only connecting to one machine (multiple computers use different port numbers to make sure you connect to the right one, such as 5901, but you don't need to worry about this if you're only connecting to one machine). They might get a couple of firewall pop ups (from ZoneAlarm etc.) but just tell them to allow these.

  MAJ 00:36 28 Mar 2007

Thanks for that rodriguez, makes it easier when talking to someone who has actually used the program. He doesn't use a router to connect to th'internet though, just an external adsl modem.

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