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  baz\ 20:36 09 Aug 2004

I have instaled Spybot, Adaware, spyblaster, dialer cntrol, startpage guard, Spyware guard installed, and i just recently found Antidialer and i was wandering can i instal this and will it happily work alongside my other progs?

  jonnytub 20:42 09 Aug 2004

Don't know but it seems like you have fort knox already

  CurlyWhirly 22:13 09 Aug 2004

Don't know but it seems like you have fort knox already

Nice joke! lol

  CurlyWhirly 22:15 09 Aug 2004

I don't think you need Anti-dialer as like Jonnytub said your PC is like Fort Knox already!
I don't know but I think having too many anti-spyware programs MAY cause conflicts?
Perhaps someone could confirm?

  baz\ 17:05 12 Aug 2004


  rawprawn 17:39 12 Aug 2004

One question are you on broadband, if so anti dialer is superfluous if you disconnect your old modem.

  baz\ 18:31 13 Aug 2004

No im still on dialup

  CurlyWhirly 19:48 13 Aug 2004

Do you plan on upgrading to broadband if it becomes available in your area?
If you did and you disconnected your 56k modem it would be IMPOSSIBLE to be had by a premium rate dialler.

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