Quick pc addiction survey!

  rotormota 20:07 07 Oct 2003

Do you find the following occur on far too regular a basis?

1/ You get totally absorbed in a pc project or problem & hot meals are rendered cold & unpleasant?

2/ You get totally absorbed in a pc project or problem & you find yourself having to boil the kettle a number of times to finally give yourself that promised cuppa?

3/ You get totally absorbed in a pc project or problem & you find yourself having to empty that now cold bath water in order to refil with hot?

Cheers. Now for that cold cuppa!

  christmascracker 20:17 07 Oct 2003

Yes to all 3, although my favourite trick is putting thing in the oven and then getting totally absorbed in the pc and forgetting all about it until I get a very strong smell of burning wafting in from the kitchen!!

  Forum Editor 20:26 07 Oct 2003

has all got a terribly familiar ring about it as far as many forum members are concerned. All of your scenarios have been a part of my life for about 30 years.

  Kegsy 20:28 07 Oct 2003

no problem, I get a phone call from my daughter cos forgoten to pick her up from evening class

  wunup 21:07 07 Oct 2003

1)Put a microwave close to hand for re-heating cold dinners

2)Get hold of a tea urn and fill it before you get started on p.c.

3)Theres nowt wrong with being a bit smelly now and again if its in a good cause

christmascracker. my wife burns everything anyway so i dont notice the burning smell anymore.

  christmascracker 21:27 07 Oct 2003

My husband is getting rather used to it too!!

Even forget to feed the cat as well, though at least you cant burn cat food ;-)

  VoG II 21:34 07 Oct 2003

You still find the time to eat and drink?

  holligan 21:34 07 Oct 2003

used to run to the libeary now i have one i run to the comp chair to beat my daughters

  Jester2K II 21:38 07 Oct 2003

3 out of 3 plus the dogs still waiting for its walk since 3pm!!!!!

  accord 21:46 07 Oct 2003

yes to all 3 but at the moment wife swap on C4 is beating me.

  christmascracker 21:50 07 Oct 2003

He'll have his legs crossed then ;-)

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