A quick Microsoft security question

  Smith2000 08:34 02 Sep 2018

I recently changed some security details on a few of my Microsoft email accounts, but after doing so, my recent activity log in location and ip address is incorrect in that session. I've tried this many times now and it's only incorrect in the sessions when I've changing security details. Is this normal and does Microsoft log in to another server to save my changed security details?

  Taff™ 13:51 02 Sep 2018

Perfectly normal. My IP address according to them is based in London.

I'm actually nearer Birmingham!

Is it causing a problem?

  KEITH 1955 14:40 02 Sep 2018

I am in chesterfield and STEAM think I am in Manchester lol

  Taff™ 14:49 02 Sep 2018

Could be worse ROFLMAO

Let us know when it causes you "Real" Problems - Like they actually phone you up LOL

  Smith2000 16:12 03 Sep 2018

I know that from time to time you can get a different ip and location. But my ip and location have been correct constantly apart from those 5 times I altered my security details in various email accounts. After that the ip and location are correct again. It just looks like my activity in those 5 sessions only, was monitored from another ip and location. Am I just being paradion and none of my email accounts are at risk? It was after all me who made the security changes. Is it even possible for someone to monitor my activity on my accounts and have the changed details saved to their ip and location? Sorry for the long reply.

  Smith2000 16:15 03 Sep 2018

*paranoid. Sorry typo.

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