quick method to send very large file

  bluegrassandstrippers 22:17 01 Mar 2005

I have to email a powerpoint presentation which is 124mb i tried to zip the file but it is still very large can anyone tell me how i can reduce the size of the file or how to send it quickly i am currently sending the file using yousendit but at the current rate it may take 90 minutes
And considering the size of the file the reciever will be all day opening it
any ideas?

  Chezdez 22:21 01 Mar 2005

a USB flash drive, unless of course the person is at the other end of the country, and you won't see them

  Technotiger 22:21 01 Mar 2005

Hi, have a look here -

click here


  bluegrassandstrippers 00:08 02 Mar 2005

I tired the link no joy thanks anyway I have zipped the file but still too big for any of the bulk mailers to upload quickly I am getting upload time of over 150 minutes and thats on boardband god help me if i was on dailup
will try again in the morning

  The Spires 00:13 02 Mar 2005

I have used MSN Messenger to transfer files of a Gig & higher.

  Jak_1 01:25 02 Mar 2005

Try zipping the file and then using a program like 'Mastersplitter' to split the file into smaller chunks and then send them individually. Also try getting a GMail account.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 02:25 02 Mar 2005

have you used the the pack and go feature in powerpoint if not this may bring it down to a more managable size if you have not open the presentation
select the file tab select pack and go then follow the wizard

  AndySD 03:22 02 Mar 2005

Remember unless you are using a buisness broadband connection your upload speed could well be only 25 percent of your download speed.

  speedy12 03:43 02 Mar 2005

i wish mine was 25%. its more like 10% for me (blueyonder). i get d/l of 130kbs and only 14 or 15kps up :o(

  Julemand 04:36 02 Mar 2005

Burn the file to a CD then post it. and use your spare time to more useful things

  trevpearson 07:01 02 Mar 2005

Have a look here

click here

You can send up to 1 GB. However, the larger the file, the longer it takes, and you can't move away from the page once "sending" is underway. But it does not fill up your Inbox. An excellent service and FREE!!


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