a quick legal question about software.

  [DELETED] 18:51 31 Dec 2003

As i was wasting my time at work, i looked on our message board, usually asking for information about cats or someone having a sofa for sale. But, one person asked if somebody could copy windows 98 for her so she can have it on her computer as the copy she brought was broken.
I replied (feeling the incredbile position of power i have flowing through me) that this was illegal and we don't encourage that sort of activity here.
I then got a reply from a work experience spod who said that it wasn't illegal if she had already brought a copy, because she is paying for the license and not the programme.
Is he right??

  johnnyrocker 18:55 31 Dec 2003

i rather tend to think your adviser is right.


  [DELETED] 19:09 31 Dec 2003

I agree with johnnyrocker. The CD is just a piece of plastic. It's the licence you pay Microsoft your money for, and you are licenced to use, not own that particular program.

Where you get your disk from is really immaterial as long as you purchase a legitimate licence from Microsoft.

  [DELETED] 19:11 31 Dec 2003


I owe him £50.

  [DELETED] 19:14 31 Dec 2003

We could be persuaded to change our opinion for a small fee! ;o)

  johnnyrocker 20:02 31 Dec 2003



  [DELETED] 20:13 31 Dec 2003

Well, if you discount the fact that the person doing the copying will be in breach of copyright, I suppose you might be right.

  PurplePenny 20:44 31 Dec 2003

Whilst it is true that what she has paid for is the licence to use the software I think that the important copyright issue here is the one that Salinger has pointed out - that the person *making* the copy would be in breach of copyright.

I'm not hot on software copyright but certainly if you had a book and it got torn to shreds by a demented hamster you could not photocopy someone else's copy nor could they photocopy it all for you.

bta1 - argue that you weren't referring to her using a copy but to the actual making of the copy :-)


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