littlestan 13:52 05 Oct 2008

Hi - I have taken the advice of sensible people on the forum and got myself an external hard drive (freecom 160gb) to back up my precious pics and itunes libray. OK - now i've got it - just plugged into my USB a pretty blue light is on and....... basically NOW WHAT DO I DO!!

Please don't all laugh but I just dont know what to do next! Anyone got some easy peasey 1-10 instructions for me. I have visions of losing everything by a stupid misclick! I'll be ok when i know what i'm doing.

Many thanks in anticipated advance!!! x

  Stuartli 14:01 05 Oct 2008

Have you read the manual?

  mfletch 14:03 05 Oct 2008

The easiest way to backup your photos is to,

Click start>my computer

Take note of the drive letter that is alicated to the new external hard drive,

Then just right click on your pictures folder and click on send to / the external hard drive,

This will copy your pics folder to the external drive {easy}

  Shuffty 14:12 05 Oct 2008

unless you are running windows 98 you do not need to anything click my computer and you will see your usb drive d/click on it to open or you can left click on it and drag it to the desktop and have a shortcut to it there

  Condom 16:01 05 Oct 2008

My external hard drive doesn't always work as easily as that. When I plug it in I often have to go into disk management and get it to start from there as it is not recognised. I have no idea why this happens. Once it is recognised it works like expected but it is annoying. It was an old hard drive I had and I bought one of the external closures for it which came with a power pack. Maybe modern ones work differently but it does seem strange to me.

  peter99co 16:07 05 Oct 2008

When you have done the Send To. If you goto My Computer and see the drive (probably F ) You can right click and Explore or Open and see your folder/s and confirm the save is OK.

  jimv7 16:20 05 Oct 2008

I would also suggest that you write your photo's/files to a cd/dvd disk as an extra back-up.

  Kevscar1 17:14 05 Oct 2008

Back everything up to 2 sources. I didn't think it was possible but my other half managed to snap a photo CD. Said she didn't know you had to press the plastic tabs in the case together to get it out.

  littlestan 17:17 05 Oct 2008

Thanks all of you - as always. I have cracked it and stored pics and itunes! Also on dvd - thanks jimv7. I did not have a manual with it - but a 1,2,3 set up which did what it said, just me panicking with a bit of new techno equipment! - there is a CD to load which would be a manual i would suppose, but i dont want to clog up my memory which is quite small on my lappy - but i have job done - thankfully with help from everyone. x

  john bunyan 17:18 05 Oct 2008

I would go the extra mile and buy Acronis True Image 11. Then you can easily back up everything on your PC in case of trouble. Read threads on this! Install ATI and follow the instruction - if needed come back for help from others on this.

  Stuartli 21:11 05 Oct 2008

Freecom's website states that some (all?) manuals are on the supplied CD-ROM.

Re backing everything up - my BounceBackExpress software for my Seagate 400GB USB external hard drive can be set to back up as little or as much as required.

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