Quick Help Need. Installing OS

  Jason Hobson 20:55 16 Jun 2003

Ive just baught a load of new hardware and assembled it today, althought i didnt buy a new HDisk, i just used my old one from my old system.

When i load up the "new" pc i get an error asking me if i want to start up in a few different types of Safe Modes.
If i try any of these options i just get a blue screen error.

Ive tried changing the boot sequence to read cd rom first. but it took me straight to the screen asking me if Id like to start up in safe mode. I first tried with a Winxp Pro disk in and when that failed I tried a WinME disk. This also failed.

I opened up the case again and reconnected the IDE sockets and power sockets.

I have come round to a mates house now for an hour or 2 because i cannot access my old pc anymore. So If you could throw as many suggestions at me as possible before i Leave id be very grate full.

  xalemo 20:59 16 Jun 2003

Might be a conflict in the new HW you got, what did you get btw?

  Gaz 25 21:02 16 Jun 2003

If you could tell us the parts, like Mobo and CPU , HDD etc it would help us help you.,

  Jason Hobson 21:04 16 Jun 2003

Athlon XP 2600+ FSB 333
DDR 512mb pc2700 333
Asus A7V8X-X (DDR M/Board) LAN
new case and cooler.

  Jason Hobson 21:49 16 Jun 2003


  woodchip 23:45 16 Jun 2003

You need to format the drive load the operating system and then the drivers EIDE for the motherboard, Graphic's card and Sound card, also modem if you have one. That's to start with

  Ironman556 00:02 17 Jun 2003

If you don't want to lose your data buy a small hdd to use as a boot drive, install your OS on that. Then set the old drive as secondary. You could then copy the info you want to your new drive and format the old one.

I find putting OS and selected programs, eg office on C: and all the rest on D: speeds up the pc a bit.

  Jason Hobson 00:37 17 Jun 2003

OK, i just got a 1gig HD from my mate and did basically what iron man above said.

I only had the win98 boot floppy and had to install win98 onto the 1g HD. I tried to make my other HD as slave but its using the WINxp file format, i forgot its name, something like NTFS.
So it hasnt recignised the harddisk.

I cannot install Winxp to wat i have just said because i need more then 1gig to install it ><.

  Ironman556 21:26 18 Jun 2003

Yes it'll be NTFS

You'll either need to find another version of Windows that'll run NTFS or get a boot driver running XP using NTFS.

If you know anyone running XP and using NTFS, then you could put the drive in their computer and copy the data from it to their hard drive.

  Gaz 25 22:05 18 Jun 2003

Buy a small HDD and let windows XP disc format it.

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