quick dvd recording question

  nobbyhigo 15:31 19 Jan 2008

i have just recorded a dvd+r of a wedding on a vhs combo finalised it and it runs on laptop . I want to make a copy for a friend and the wife has thrown the vhs tape , so i need to do a dvd+R to dvd+r on my latop whats the best way

  Technotiger 15:57 19 Jan 2008

Should be pretty straight-forward if you use Nero or similar.

  Technotiger 15:58 19 Jan 2008

Should be pretty straight-forward if you use Nero or similar.

  Technotiger 15:59 19 Jan 2008

Sorry about the double-post, PCA site is playing up a bit today, this is not my first double today.

  Totally-braindead 17:06 19 Jan 2008

Personally I would make 2 copies as disks can become unreadable or become damaged and I assume that the recording is irreplaceable.

If I read your question correctly you have a DVD+R with the footage on it and want to know what type of disk to record to. If this is what you are asking them you can record to either +R or -R its entirely up to you. Some standalone DVD players can only read one type of media IE can read the + but not the - type and vice versa. If it was me I would check that your friend can play the + disk and if its ok then burn him one of those, if theres a problem try the - disks.

Don't use RW rewriteable disks as they are not stable enough and sooner or later will degrade and become unplayable.

  nobbyhigo 17:23 19 Jan 2008

yes i will record to dvd+r i just wanted the easiest software to do it.Do i download the original to my hard drive then copy . i dont understand the procedure.

  MAJ 17:26 19 Jan 2008

If you have two DVD drives in your computer, one of which is a writer, you could just do a straight copy ("on the fly" it's called) using your burning software.

  nobbyhigo 17:30 19 Jan 2008

No I have just a HP510 Laptop that i believe handles reading and writing the lot

  eedcam 18:11 19 Jan 2008

Suggest you download a freee burner called Imgburn click here
Once installed just get it to read the dv then write it You will have an Iso imge created at the same time which you can use for further copies .Also it takes care of the + or - folly .Neitherof my players use + but dvd's burned via Imgburn are neutral so to speak so if I burn a + it will play on them

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