Quick CPUs v. Win98SE

  Diemmess 15:54 15 Jul 2003

Can anyone confirm or deny any difficulties with loading Win98SE in a new box with an Athlon XP 2400+ at its heart?

Jumping in to back an elderly friend in her first venture into computer ownership...................(She wants internet/email facility, plus ability to see received jpg files, plus of course a word processor in that order).

She has already had a quote from a "big name", but it is always possible to do better by careful selection of bundle offers from mail order outlets.

My favourite one of these, by telephone said that with over 2Ghz CPUs there may be difficulty loading drivers with Win98SE as the o/s..........The modem particularly, (as usual) and even afterwards the system can be a tad unstable.

I like so many, am used to and like 98SE and would lose a lot of my confidence to support this lady if she loads XP

  Diemmess 18:15 15 Jul 2003

Have since been told Windows 98 does not support processors beyond 1.9Ghz

Any experience anyone?

  Rayuk 18:22 15 Jul 2003

I am sure you will find many people who still use Win98SE with latest cpus without problems[no more than usual that is]

I am not absolutely sure but I would be very surprised if 98SE was "limited" in some way by the size of the CPU. I can understand the memory being an issue as this really is at the core of the operating system and is where programs and data will reside and be accessed. However, the CPU is there only to process this data and so long as the other components are up to the job of shifting it around I cant see a problem.

I am, however, more than happy to be corrected but my gut feeling is to go for it!

  hssutton 18:57 15 Jul 2003

I have been running Win98se on a XP2400+ for the past 3 months without any problems. Upgraded to XP today but not because of any problems.

  PA28 19:56 15 Jul 2003

P4 2.4. Windows98SE. No problems at all.

  PA28 19:57 15 Jul 2003

Oh... and 512Mb DDR. Still no problems.

  Gaz 25 20:01 15 Jul 2003

What is your problem? Crashing or not recognising?

  Diemmess 20:07 15 Jul 2003

Just what I wanted, to hear from people who have done it and not had a problem.

It occurred to me that my son is currently engaged in rebuilding his "98" box starting with a motherboard bundle which is certainly no slouch.

He hasn't done it yet, he has little spare time because he takes his children more seriously than I used to do. I left it mostly to my wife! I'm sure it would have surprised him to hear that it wasn't going to work.

Yes I know I'm playing Canute against the great Ms tide, but will stay with 98 as long as I can.

  PA28 20:13 15 Jul 2003

I know what you mean about playing Canute - like you, I know 98 and am reluctant to change (and find drivers for all the bits hanging on the back).

Mind you, I can recall (as can you probably) the dark days of 3.1 and that new fangled and unreliable Windows 95 creeping in.............

  Diemmess 09:14 16 Jul 2003

Having used MSDOS 3.0 and upgrades in business for a few years, on retirement I bought a bundle - Compuadd 386. It had Windows 3.0 loaded and 1MB of RAM.

There was a sticky period when I found a friendly local "builder" who helped me thru' the traumas of 95 to 98 when I was having awful trouble with a wrongly set up SCSI and hopeless crash followed crash after crash with reinstallations between.

The point is that I began to find friends who helped resolve the problem in just the way this fine forum can help anyone today.

Yes this Canute is already getting his feet wet, but I will stay where I am for a bit longer

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