Qui9cken 2001 and VISTA

  pppc 16:58 06 Feb 2010

Been looking at previous questiions but none seem to address my problem.
I ammoving from XP to Vista (on a separate machine). I backed up my Quicken 2001 files to a hard drive, copied the whole back up directory to DVD, and then copied from the DVD to a hard drive on the Vista machine. I had already successfully installed Quicke 2001 on the new machine, and I was able to restore from the backups. I am able to use my Quicken files (I have several accounts) quite happily but am totally unable to back them up; every attempt at backing up gives me the message;
'Unable to access the disk in drive X. Please make sure the drive is ready and not write-protected.'

I have tried all three drives (one hard disk is partitioned) and my DVD drive. I have obviously been able to write to the local hard disks and the DVD drive.

I am intrigued by the correspondence in this forum - it rather looks as if updates to Quicken are available from other firms that INTUIT who, I understood, abandoned it back in 2001.

And I have seen a reference to free accounting software - my needs are not very demanding.

Any help would be appreciated - I am not happy to commit to VISTA until I can back up my Quicken data.

  Woolwell 21:37 06 Feb 2010

What are and where are you trying to back up to?

I use Quicken 2004 and Vista and it only allows me to back up to one external drive. If I try to back up to 2 others I get a similar message to the one that you state.

You can navigate to program files/Quicken and you will find the data files there. You can then copy them to back up media. In my case it show the wrong date modified in that location.

Intuit abandoned Quicken in UK. I have never fully understood why.

  prince midas 10:48 07 Feb 2010

I use Quicken 98 which is the earliest quicken and I use it on both an XP and a Vista PC.
The trick is you must back it up to a hard drive as it will not work when used on a CD.
I have a Seagate 1TB USB hard drive,a 400GB Freecom USB hard Drive and a 250 GB WD USB hard drive and they all work.

  pppc 14:44 07 Feb 2010

Woolwell and Prince Midas

Thanks to both for your responses which at least make me think that there may be an answer.

I have tried to back up to all three hard drives and to a writable CD and have always received that message. My first attempt was to the Quicken backups folder in my C drive. I had just copied the folder in and restored my Quicken accounts from it.

I'll have another go shortly.


  pppc 22:27 07 Feb 2010

Hi both

since the above I discovered the compatibility function in Vista. Using that I have maanaged to bacvk up Quicken without a murmur.

Many thanks again for your interest and help - you encouraged me to keep trying!! :-)


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