Questions on formatting hard drive

  xptosmtbd 06:27 24 May 2004

Hi, I am going to sell my computer which is running windows 98se. Is it best to format the hard drive or just take the files off with add/remove programs. If I format it I am concered that it may not start up again because the original disks will not work as I had the hard drive changed to a bigger one some time ago...Thanks in advance Sandra

  recap 08:54 24 May 2004

It is best to format the drive when selling it, as some of the software you willhave on will only be registered to you and not the computer.

  xptosmtbd 08:59 24 May 2004

Thanks re-cap, but how can I be sure that I can get it started again as the original discs that came with are no good now because the hard drive has been changed?...

  xania 09:18 24 May 2004

If you're only concerned about software, reformatting is adequate. However, although a reformat will make your files unavailable to you, they will not be destroyed and can be easily recovered by someone with the approrpriate skills and determination. The only way to secure your data is to first securely delete all the files and folders and/or to encrypt the data and then perform your reformat. So far as your other concerns, make sure that you provide all the install CD's/floppies and its then up to your buyer to sort it out.

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