Questions for anyone that's installed a Soundblaster Z soundcard

  Graphicool1 20:54 10 Aug 2013

Windows 7

Hi Guy's, I recently installed a Creative SBZ Soundcard. The problem I have is in regard to the ports at the front of my computer. There are two 'USB2' slots a 'Line In', 'Headphone' and 'SATA' ports. The card installed on a PCI slot, it told me that I could attach the ports at the front of my PC to the end of the soundcard. I had to remove the right side of the computer to get to where the wires from the front ports are stored.

However my problem lies in the fact that all the wires don't go to just one plug on the motherboard, they're split up. I imagined that if I could distinguish between them, that the 'Line In' and the 'Headphone' would go to the SBZ. But because I couldn't and didn't know what might happen if I put the wrong plug to the SBZ, I did nothing. So, the 'Line In' and 'Headphones' don't work. Which isn't a surprise, however what was a surprise is that the USB slots were causing an anomaly at start up. Which presented itself as by way of...

"USB Over Current Status Detected, Computer will shut down in 15 seconds"

Initially, my response was to just ignore it, in the hope that it would sort itself out, I just rebooted and it booted fine, till the next time etc. But then (inevitably) came the last time, when rebooting it nolonger worked. So after unplugging all my USB plugs in turn, I discovered that the culprits were the two at the front. So it would now seem that none of the front ports are working.

My questions are...

(1) If I were to plug the neccessary things to the soundcard, would all the front ports then be working?


(2) Has the USB thing got nothing to do with this?

  Chronos the 2nd 09:56 11 Aug 2013

I am not sure I fully understand your problem.

Normally front audio and USB connectors from the case look like this.

Are you saying that yours are different? That the front audio is separated in to line in and headphones?

What case have you and more importantly what motherboard have you? I assume that you have had the front audio connected to the motherboard prior to getting the sound card? If so how did you manage this if the cables are separate?

Again I am confused by the USB problem so really do need to know what motherboard you have so I can look at the spec.

1]: [click here

  Graphicool1 16:24 11 Aug 2013

Hi Chronus

Your links don't go anywhere for me. Initally I get...

'About Blank', followed (after sometime) by timed out?

Mobo: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8H61-M LE/USB3 Rev x.0x

The case is a Cooler Master.

"Are you saying that yours are different? That the front audio is separated in to line in and headphones?"

No, I'm not saying that, (I'm sorry if I'm not making myself clear) what I was failing to convey was that all the wires that are coming from the front ports are split into 4 seperate plugs. They go to different parts of the mobo.

Because I can't get to (the back) of the front ports, I can't track them, therefor I don't know which of the three should go to the sound card.

Right, here we go, I've managed to find my Mobo user guide. 2 of the front ports are plugged into the bottom of the mobo. I can now see that that one of the plugs connects to one of two identical looking ports that are side by side and the book says that these are USB ports. However, the one that the plug is connected to is called USB78 and the other one is USB910. Can you tell me if these different numbers holds any reason that would preclude me from moving the one plugged into USB78 to USB910. As this move could make a difference as to them working or not?

Secondly, I can now see that another plug, that came from the front ports, is plugged into the bottom left corner of the mobo and this plug appears to cover two seperate items; as by way of 'incoming and outgoing'. One is 'SPDIF OUT', which they are calling a 'Digital Audio Connector (4-1 pin SPDIF_OUT)'. The other is 'AAFP' which they are calling 'Front Panel Audio Connector (10-1 pin AAFP)'. I'm now thinking that this is the plug that I have to attach to the soundcard.

In fact one plug doesn't go anywhere at all, written on it is...'AC'97'. I've looked on the Internet and it is apparently for 'Realtek Codecs'. Prior to installing the SBZ I had onboard Realtek. I have looked at the japanese schematic that came with the PC and it says...

"Please select the Mobo which uses the same, USB2.0, AC'97, HD Audio Standard as below; otherwise it will cause damages to device(s)"

So it would seem that it isn't connected to this Mobo because it isn't compatible? Not that it matters now, being as I have bypassed that with SBZ. Still, hopefully by moving the USB plug from USB78 to USB910 that will solve my...

"USB Over Current Status Detected, Computer will shut down in 15 seconds"

And once again allow me to use the 2 front USB ports?

  Chronos the 2nd 17:50 11 Aug 2013

The link under the word this works for me but it was only an image of the connectors.

They should be clearly marked the two USB black plugs will have,not surprisingly USB on them and it does not matter which of the two headers on the motherboard you connect them to.

The other black plug and you might have two, should be marked AC97 or HD audio. and one of these, as they are both audio should be connected to the AAFP which according to your manual (P 1-22)supports both HD audio or AC 97.

But you will need to plug the audio, does not matter which one if you have the two plugs, into your sound-card.

  Graphicool1 19:20 11 Aug 2013

After I posted my last info, I tried your links again and they both worked. However, my plugs aren't like those. I'm sorry but I'll have to off line now but I'll explain the differences tomorrow Cheers G1

  Graphicool1 09:48 12 Aug 2013

Hi Chronus

As with doing anything, when you've never done something before and all the colours, numbers, sizes don't appear to be uniform from one PC to another. Also having to work in a confined space, with mirrors, pliers, snips and torches. Not knowing what you're looking at or for, can get a tad confusing. Ad to that the fact that I'm not the most patient person on the planet and you have a potential receipe for disaster.

The reason I started out down this road of fixing my and other peoples PC's is financial. As neither I nor my friends could afford to pay someone else to do it. It's a neccessity and not something I particularly enjoy doing. Although if it goes right and stays right, it makes me feel good about it.

My plug problem was more to do with not knowing where the plug I needed was located on the mobo. Had I not managed to find the mobo booklet, I would have had to have removed the graphics card and sound card to see they had writing on them! Had I have seen them as shown in your link I would have had no problem relocating them.

Having looked at the mobo booklet, I knew which plug had to be moved. After I pulled it out, I then saw it said 'HD Audio' on it. As for the USB plug, I've now also relocated that too. From USB78 to USB910, I've since tested those ports and am pleased to say everything now appears to be working as it should, toes crossed it stays that way.

Thank you for your input, if it wasn't for you giving me new zeal in my hunt to find the mobo booklet, I'd probably still be poking about in the dark.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:54 12 Aug 2013

It is usually possible to download a mobo manual. That is what I did with yours. Makes it much simpler to give advice if I can sse the mobo configuration image myself.

Connections to motherboards and cases are pretty much standardised these days so it is pretty safe to say what I see on my mobo and case is what you will see on yours. Positions will vary but that's about it.

Glad you got it sorted, till the next time.

  Graphicool1 14:04 12 Aug 2013


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