Questions abt ADSL in UK

  siliconbits 13:33 01 Dec 2003

1. What is the importance of contention ratio esp. wrt Cable connection? I am forced to changed from Cable to ADSL. Will that make a big difference?

2. Is ADSL self-install as easy as for Dial Up internet - esp for PCI? Is there any brand that must be avoided?

3. What about USB 1.0 modems? Are they better (or worse) than PCI versions. I use Win2K.

4. What abt BT activation fee? Is there some ISP's which do not charge it?

5. What is favorite ISP costwise - Tiscali, Bulldog, Plusnet, Metrogo, Anyother?

  christmascracker 14:00 01 Dec 2003
  Daveboy 23:10 01 Dec 2003

1. Contention = "sharing", you basically share your connection with others-rarely seems to affect service though (in my limited experience).
2. It is easy and straightforward enough. I would stick to the well known brands.
3. USB as at least you can position modem to view connection L.E.D's, pci types much cheaper though. (Some S/p's throw modem in with package-shop around.
4& 5. Check "christmascrackers" link.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:43 01 Dec 2003

1) Like anything else, if there are a lot of people online, your speed will pyramidically decrease although this is not too noticeable. If you have cable BB and change to landline you will probably find that it is slightly better, esp. if you are on NTL ;-)).

2) Easier.

3) I use both and there is no difference that mere mortals will notice. USB 2 is terribly over-hyped unless you are doing a Spielberg with the video films.

4) Tiscali and, IIRC, pipex have no activation fee. There are many others.

5) Cheapest is not necessarily the best. I use Tiscali and it is excellent in both service and cost. It is not worth quibbling over a couple of quid a month. From experience NTL is total pants. Service from the same provider seems to vary from area to area. It is worthwhile remembering that ALL BB, except cable, is supplied by those fun-lovin' guys at BT, the name on the box means de nada.


  [email protected]@m 10:22 02 Dec 2003

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