Questions about Team Viewer Company

  Ms.J 01:07 24 Apr 2018

Is Team Viewer a Scam? What does this company do? Do it refund money using your banking information

  Govan1x 07:22 24 Apr 2018

It is free for private use.You only pay if you are a business user.

So if you are a free user and they want your bank details it would probably be a scam. or if you do not use Teamviewer at all it would be a scam.

What is your situation.

  hastelloy 07:43 24 Apr 2018

I've used Teamviewer as a private user for several years without any problem. I have never been asked for bank details or any other method of payment.

  alanrwood 08:47 24 Apr 2018

Same here. A great program, all the better for being free for non business users.

  wee eddie 10:41 24 Apr 2018

My tame Professional uses it. It's been installed on my last 2 PCs and caused, to the best of my knowledge, no problems.

Saves a visit when I have screwed something up. Not an unusual scenario

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