Questions about router with use of set top box

  rjswenson 02:38 04 Jan 2012

Hi, I was just given a Netgear WNDR3700v2 for Christmas to go with my new laptop. My network setup is as follows: D-Link D65-2208 Gig switch in storage room with Cat5 Ethernet wire to outlet in tv/desktop comptuer room. My ISP/cable tv provider uses an Amino Aminet130 set top box (STB) connected via ethernet to this outlet which then goes to my HD television via HDMI cable. I only have the one ethernet outlet in the room and was having to disconnect connection from STB to use the desktop computer, which got very old, very fast. So I tried connecting my router to this outlet with the STB and desktop connected to Gig ports on back of router. My wireless internet and destop internet connections work great, however, I am unable to get the STB to work. NetGear support seems to think this is a port forwarding issue and asked me to ask my ISP/cable provider which ports neeed to be opened on the STB to communicate with router. I guess my question is, is this set-up the way I have it even possible? Is this a portfowarding issue? What are my options? Thank you vary much for your opinions/assistance!

  difarn 12:39 04 Jan 2012

Have you got your broadband in cable (assume it is device with an ethernet connection)connected to your wireless router? If not this can be done and you can still have wireless devices going through it. You have five ethernet connection points I believe on this new router so this should solve the problem with the set top box - unless I have completely got the wrong end of the stick.

  rjswenson 18:47 04 Jan 2012

Yes, I currently have the broadband device (Amino Aminet130) connected to Port #1 on the router via ethernet connection. I am using the ethernet port labled "internet" on the router to connect to the ethernet outlet on the wall, which leads to the D-Link switch.

  difarn 07:35 05 Jan 2012

Your router needs to recognise your STB. On my router there is a specific port to connect a tv but this has to be enabled within the router configuration pages. To do this you have to type in the IPS of your router into the address bar at the top of your browser - you have a choice of or or which are in your set-up instructions.

This takes you to your login - if you haven't changed it then you will type in admin and password - if you have changed it put in whatever you chose.

Once you are in see if you can find "services" - is the digital tv enabled?

  rjswenson 00:10 06 Jan 2012

I was able to access the router as you described. However, there was no specific "services" section. The only services option I saw was under port forwarding/triggering which gave the following options under service name: FTP, HTTP, ICUII, IP_Phone, NetMeeting, News, PPTP, QUake II/III, Real-Audio, Telnet or I could add a custom service using TCP/UDP, TCP, or UDP. Dont have a clue what any of that means.

Just a thought, but would it be feasable to switch the router with the D-Link gig switch? For example, having the "data" box (which is currently connected to one of the eight ports on the gig switch) connect to the internet port on the router, then the other 2 wall outlets(currently connecte to ports seven and eight on gig switch) going through ports 1 and 2 on back of router, then STB and desktop (from wall outlet)to D-Link switch? I have absolutely no idea if that is even possible so I appologize if it insults your intelligence: )

  difarn 08:55 06 Jan 2012

I think that the problem could be a conflict between IP addresses of your your D-Link and your Netgear. What you are trying to do is to use your wireless router as an access point - to do this you have to reconfigure your Netgear by changing IP address- the step by step instructions in this article, although not for your specific router, explain it fully.

Your other suggestion to replace the D-link switch should also be feasible and possibly the easiest thing to try first.

  difarn 12:12 07 Jan 2012

If you haven't yet solved your problem have a look at this article which explains quite clearly how to add wireless functionality to your existing set-up by using it as an access point.

  rjswenson 00:19 10 Jan 2012

I just found out my parents have an older router that they aren't using. It is a D-Link Model EBR-2310 4 Port 10/100. Could I just use this as switch? For instance by connecting to on of the 4 LAN ports and turning off DHCP? Or will this older router slow my network down since it is not 10/100/1000?

So setup would look something like this:

ISP -> DSG-2208 -> EBR-2310 -> Amino STB (TV) > 3700 -> wired desktop > wireless

  difarn 05:34 10 Jan 2012

Did you try:-

Wall outlet - D-Link switch - Wireless Router - then add your desktop and Amino + TV to this?

Is this feasible with your set up? It will mean that your router will have to be near your desktop.

Do you need your D-Link if you are adding a wireless router with wired ethernet points?

You say that the TV video is not working - does the tv function without the video?

  rjswenson 14:01 10 Jan 2012

Would not be feasible with the equipment I have. D-Link switch needs to stay in electrical room. Plus I dont think my other suggestion above would work either, as it would basically be the same connection as I have already tried and failed at. Yes tv functions otherwise. I am pretty sure that I am either going to have to get a new gig switch or convert the old router to a switch so long as it doesnt slow down the network.

  difarn 17:19 10 Jan 2012

I think you are correct - another gig switch probably is the answer- if you can convert the old router to an access point then this may also be a good solution.

God luck

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