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  new214 14:22 18 Apr 2010

heya all, I'm looking into using firefox rather than IE 7/8 but I've just got a few questions:

1) I have heard and come across the fact that websites developed in vbscript/asp don't work in firefox it this true and is there a way around it? Would this affect websites developed in other microsoft / web development languages like or php etc?

2) Are there any security issues with using a work around to viewing sites developed in the above languages?

3) How good / secure is firefox when shopping online?

  provider 2 14:47 18 Apr 2010

I think you may find answers to most of your questions here, under the various tabs and links: click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 18 Apr 2010

You need to keep IE for MS updates.

1. As long as you are running this from a Windows machine (as other machines don't support VBScript, just as other browsers don't), you can offer the same functionality to Firefox users by instead of embedding the VBScript in the web-page, you simply link to the VBScript file, saved as a .vbs. This way the user will be prompted to download or run... they should select Run, and the VBScript will be processed.

Basically keep IE for MS updates and the few sites not using javascript

2. See above

3. Firefox is generally considered more secure than IE due to the fact VBS cannot be run and therefore exploited.

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