Questions about dvd recording

  BeeWee 20:33 02 Sep 2005

I know this isn't truly a computer problem but I hope someone will be able to help.

My vcr has finally given up the ghost and I am going to replace it with a dvd recorder.

My first question is: will I be able to record a half an hour programme on to a dvd disc and later add another programme to it?

The recorder I am looking at is a JVC DR-M10EK.

Thanks in advance.

  BeeWee 20:44 02 Sep 2005

Product Information
JVC Multi Format DVD Recording With DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R Recording And DVD, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, MP3, JPEG Playback

*** Please note this product is a GRADED product. This means it is a factory refurbished item. The product is as new so the saving is reflected in the discounted price.***

Complete with 1 Years Warranty!

Records DVD-RW Format
Records DVD-RAM Format
Records DVD-R Format
Mp3 Playback
Vcd Playback
Svcd Playback
CD-R Playback
CD-RW Playback
Jpeg Playback
Region 2 Playback
Dolby Digital & Dts
2 Scart Sockets
Optical Output
Digital Coaxial Output
Remote Control
Multi-Angle Support
Programme Deilvery Control
S-Video Output
Rgb Scart
On Screen Display
Timeslip (Record & Watch At Same Time)

This is the spec which doean't mean an awful lot to me...perhaps someone would give me a couple of tips?
The price is £74.99

  BRYNIT 22:47 02 Sep 2005

With most DVD recorders you can add more programs until disk is full. I think the disks will need finalising before you can view all recordings using another DVD player. Instruction book can be down loaded from click here go down to DR-M10SEK. This looks like an older model and may not be able to play anything recorded on a DVD+R disk.

  y_not 07:27 03 Sep 2005

I assume that the DR-M10EK will work the same.

You can record to DVD and play it back using the recorder but if you want to view it on another DVD player you have to finalise the disc first (takes a couple of minutes to finalise).

This allows you to add several recordings to the disc until it is full and then finalise it (once finalised you cannot add any further recordings to the disc), this allows the disc to be played on many other DVD players.

One word of warning which applies to ALL DVD/HDD recorders - the aerial is refered to as "loop-through" which basically means what goes into the recorder is exactly the same as what comes out of the recorder.
In plain English this means that if you want to view the DVD's on networked TV's (I have several around the house connected by co-ax cable) you cannot view the output from the DVD on the network as the only output is via the scart lead.
I got around this using an RF modulator (but that does add another seventy quid to the package cost and needs another box of tricks behind the TV.

Hope this helps


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