Questions about Changing Broadband Providers

  ponytail 11:09 24 Feb 2018

I am due to change from Talktalk to Plusnet on the 28th and have a couple of questions.1 Can I use the current internet cable from my phone socket rather than the one which has come with the new router and do the same with the power cable as to change them I will have to shift some furniture.Am I right in thinking once the router is connected all I then need to do is set up the new connection on the laptops.I know how to do it for the printers.Thanks

  LastChip 11:26 24 Feb 2018

Assuming you are not going from (say) adsl to fibre, (or visa versa) then you can use the same connection. However, if the existing cable has been there a few years, you may get a faster connection using the new one - copper does deteriorate with time. As for the power supply, you need to make sure it's the same voltage out and at least the minimum power output. Normally, different voltages are a different size connector, but make sure. Plugging in the wrong voltage can make for an expensive mistake.

  Pine Man 11:30 24 Feb 2018

No problem with the cable from your phone socket to the router and, so long as the power cable is mains voltage and not through a transformer, that will be ok - as long as it actually fits into the router!

You will get set up instructions but basically it will just mean changing the WiFi settings on your laptops.

  ponytail 11:45 24 Feb 2018

Thanks for the replies will use the two new cables as think that would be best.Will wait now untill told it has been activated.

  ponytail 09:38 26 Feb 2018

Am I correct in saying that once my connection has been activated all I need to do is click on the wi-fi icon by the clock where my connection should be listed and select it and my broadband the should be up and running.

  HondaMan 11:23 26 Feb 2018

If you are relatively new to all this, as suggested by your posts, I suggest you use all plusher supplied items and follow their instructions to the letter.

Mixing and matching is OK when you become very familiar with the kit.

  HondaMan 11:24 26 Feb 2018

Sorry. Should, of course read Plusnet!

  ponytail 12:43 26 Feb 2018

I am intending to use everything that came with the router and once the router has been plugged in and switched on I am presuming all I need to do then is click on the wi-fi icon by the clock and select my new network which I presume will say Plus Net

  Pine Man 12:49 26 Feb 2018

click on the wi-fi icon by the clock and select my new network which I presume will say Plus Net

You will also need the password for the WiFi which Plus Net will provide in some way.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 26 Feb 2018
  ponytail 10:43 27 Feb 2018

Thanks Fruit Bat I have read what you said in your link.The Router has a wireless key a admin password and the wireless SSID numbers written on the labelcannot see anything marked as the model number unless it is the following.MACD8D775A6ABAC.Which of those three numbers will be the password for the Wi-Fi

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