Questions about AVG 7 Free

  Nosmas 14:31 23 Feb 2005

System W98, IE v6.0, OE v6.0. and MailWasher. Having run AVG 6 (free version) for the past couple of years, I have only recently installed AVG 7 Free and would appreciate answers to the following questions.

1. Automatic checking for updates is set to occur daily at about 9:00 am. I wasn't at my system at that time on the first morning and when I came to it later, as I didn't see any message I assumed that the checking had been done but no update had been found. However when I clicked on the AVG desktop icon I received a message: - "Unfinished update of AVG Free Edition has been detected. To finish the update process it is necessary to restart the computer. Do you want to restart the computer now? - Yes / No buttons". Is there a setting that will cause this (or a similar) message to appear (and remain until answered) when a successful update has been downloaded, or alternatively to say that no update was needed?

2. On two occasions when downloading emails I have noticed that the AVG icon in the systray rotates and an AVG popup message moves across the systray, but on other occasions none of this happens. Can anyone please explain this apparent inconsistency?

3. I installed this AVG Free version on my return from holiday and my first download of about 40 emails received (via MailWasher) all had a paperclip icon alongside when viewed in their folders, but none of them has any attachments. Since then I have noticed that only some emails have the paperclip. I have read threads in which it is stated that the paperclips show when SENT messages reach the recipients, but test messages from myself to my wife and vice versa DO NOT have paperclips when viewed in our respective received folders. Any suggestions please as to why some have the paperclip? (I have read that this is thought to be something to do with the certifications inserted by AVG on outgoing and incoming emails.)

4. Clicking the Statistics button in the Personal E-mail Scanner Setup window displays information about messages, but this seems to be reset after every reboot of the system. Is this how AVG is meant to function?

  LeadingMNMs 14:40 23 Feb 2005

I don't have AVG on this computer but I've used it on a lot of other computers so I'll try to remember it.

I'll start with question 3 - the paperclip icon shows that the e-mail contains an attachment. The attachment is likely to be a message placed on the bottom of the e-mail saying that AVG checked the e-mail and nothing bad was found. I'm not sure whether AVG checks plain text e-mails without attachments (since they are only plain text), so this may be the reason for some e-mails being checked and having an attachment to show this.

As for question 2 - could it be that this occurs when your also sending e-mails rather than just downloading them ?

Not really sure about the other 2.

  Technotiger 15:06 23 Feb 2005

Hi, I use AVG7, very happy with it - updates are not complete until pc has been re-started. The icon in system trays rotates when a check on e-mails is being done and when a full pc virus check is in progress - this can take quite a while depending on how much is on your pc - mine takes just over 40 minutes for a full check.

LeadingMNMs's statement about paper-clip is correct.


  Bagsey 15:16 23 Feb 2005

The paper clip showing used to indicate an attachment was present but with the new AVG7 it shows for all mail that is using HTML. If you stop HTML and send yourself an email in plain text you will see the the paper clip does not show.

  Nosmas 15:44 23 Feb 2005

Thanks LeadingMNMs and Technotiger for your replies.

Technotiger - are you saying that ALL updates for AVG7 require the system to be restarted? In AVG6 restarts were only occasionally required. Most updates you just clicked on a button to finish the update, but when next rebooting a line appeared in the DOS screen with something like "Please wait while your system files are updated" and this generally took only a couple of seconds to do.

Re the paperclips - NONE of the messages I have received have a 'conventional' attachment - i.e. an actual file attached to the email the title of which can be seen in a box above the body of the email when reading it. All the emails I have received (both with and without a paperclip) since installing AVG7 have the certification wording at the bottom. Both the emails just received from PCA advising me of your replies had a paperclip and the certification but of course no ACTUAL attachment.

Re the rotating systray icon this seems to be intermittent. I have deliberately watched the icon each time I have pressed the Send / Receive button in OE and have only seen it rotate on two occasions, so is there another reason why it doesn't always rotate?

I haven't watched the icon when doing a full check as I have set it to do this at 5:30 am and I am not around at that time! I will do a 'manual' scan sometime but mine is taking over an hour to scan some 60K objects.

  Nosmas 16:25 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for that information, but I wonder why Grisoft have chosen to differentiate between HTML and Plain Text? My OE is permanently set up to send as Plain Text, so that accounts for the fact that the test emails I sent to my wife's account and from hers to mine both arrived without a paperclip.

  Stuartli 16:49 23 Feb 2005

Some AVG7 checked e-mails have an attachment (sometimes 1.2 or 1.3) but normal text messages don't list an attachment (in my case at least).

In any case you should get the lines at the bottom detailing that an e-mail has been checked and info on the version of AVG, database reference and release date.

  Technotiger 16:49 23 Feb 2005

Hi again - about re-starting pc to conclude update - No, I only mean as updating from AV6 to AV7. Does not need restart to update AV Virus Database.


  Nosmas 17:03 23 Feb 2005

Thanks for that info. However in the short time I have had AVG7 the Database has been updated twice - to 266.3.0 and then to 266.4.0 and on both occasions when I tried to launch AVG I had the message about unfinished update which I quoted in my first post above. I will be interested to see when an update DOESN'T require a restart.

Please does anyone else have any comments experience re this topic?

  Sharpamatt 17:05 23 Feb 2005

I dont seem to get any of these events, My AVG is set to update daily and scan an hour later, Ive never had to restart yet.

it seems your useing outlook express ? which I am, did you select the OE plugin when installing AGV Free ?

As for Paperclips have you checked your OE settings are to allow attachments? Look in OE, Tools, options, security. and I think its forth box from the top.if this is checked the system will not allow attachments to be shown

If set correctley AVG will check all EMails both in and out

If unsure as to updates have been received it only takes a second to recheck at any time. Test results can be checked from stored record

  Jak_1 17:14 23 Feb 2005

AVG7 running fine on my PC too,I too only get the popup when mails arrive with an attachment and all mails have the scanned messge.

I think we have all been used to the way AVG6 worked and just need to get used to a slightly diff way with version 7. A full scan for me takes just over an hour but then I have two large hdd's to be scanned 1/3 of a terrabyte in total of disk space.

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